#50 – How to Create a Thriving Company Culture:

From Purpose & Values to Shorter Workweeks

with Becci Gould, Associate Director at Kin & Co

50 - Becci Gould

Becci Gould is an associate director at Kin & Co, an award-winning culture and behavior change consultancy located in the UK. She is a culture strategy expert specializing in helping organizations to harness the purpose, culture, and values so that they can be more successful inside and out. Some companies she’s led successful purpose and culture change transformations with include O2, Open Reach, Danone, Heathrow Airport, and leading law firm BWB. In addition, she was instrumental in leading Kin & Co’s recent expansion into Canada.

Alongside her work at Kin & Co, Becci is a thought leader in the purpose and culture space. She sits on the advisory board of the IRM’s annual EU Business Change and Transformation conference, and she has released reports that are featured in the likes of Forbes and CityAm. 

In this episode, we discuss how to create a thriving purpose-driven, employee-first company culture, including specific tactics and strategies such as the implementation of what Kin & Co calls Wednesday Offternoons.

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Every employer should be doing something to maintain the wellbeing and work/life balance and prevent burnout of its staff, but it depends on what works for that organization.” –Becci Gould

Becci (far right) with a Couple of the Kin & Co Team Enjoying a Wednesday “Offternoon” Activity

Topics Discussed: 

  • How to create a thriving company culture
  • Essential elements of what a cohesive potential culture looks like
  • Tactics and strategies for keeping your team motivated

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