Better World Weekly (#28)  
Why Write & Publish Online, How to Get 35,000 Cars
Off the Road, & More!

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Happy Monday y’all

Hope everyone has enjoyed their April! 

Annie and I needed to get out of the apartment in San Antonio, so we headed out to the Texas hill country to enjoy some sun and quiet time. 

Milou did too. ☀️😎🎾

Enjoy the week and this edition of the Better World Weekly!


Better World Business Growth 📈

👀 How Purpose-Driven Businesses (& Business People) Can Be Discovered 

Writing & publishing online. This is perhaps the simplest and most effective way for both brands and people to be discovered right now. 

Why? A few reasons: 

  •  *Personally* Writing & publishing differentiates you. Think about peers or colleagues in your field or industry. How many of them are personally writing and publishing their thinking, reflections, and learnings online? Very few right? 
  • Discovery has never been easier. We have so many different platforms for people to access what you publish. LinkedIn? Medium? Twitter? YouTube?…and so it goes…
  • Publishing produces compounding rewards. The more you publish, the more people discover your thinking and learn about you and your work. With how organic online discovery works now, audiences & attention compound. Something you write today might continue to attract hundreds if not thousands of views per month from a search engine like Google a year from now. 

*This is exactly our approach to publishing content here at Grow Ensemble. Posts we’ve published at our blog don’t spike with visitors in the immediate then fade. They accumulate more visitors over time. But, you’ve heard me mention that before.😅* 

🛑 2 Rules to Start Publishing Online:

1. Publish on YOUR Site (not Medium, LinkedIn, Etc.)

I see businesses and people constantly use platforms like Medium and LinkedIn incorrectly! You can build audiences on those platforms and see them taken away if the owners decide to change something on their platform. Use those platforms to repost! But ideally, direct people back to your own website to see the original post. 

2. Collect Email Addresses 

Let the first time someone discovers you, your website, your writing, not be the only time. Collecting someone’s email address (with permission!) allows you to begin to build a relationship with them.  

Buy Ensemble 💵

🧦Bombas Socks: A Good Sock and A Good Deed

In case you missed it, a friend of Grow Ensemble, Becca Cruse, tested out some Bombas socks for us and wrote-up her review. 

Spoiler: She loved the socks and the company they came from. 

A sneak peek to quote Becca, 

“Socks are like friends. You can find one just about anywhere, but only a few are really good. And much like friends, it often takes a while to figure out which are the truly great ones. And which (for the sake of this metaphor) will lose their elasticity mid-backpacking trip. 

In that sense, Bombas are the maid-of-honor of socks. Their no-show socks stay politely hidden, their ankle socks never slip into no-shows, and their arch support is, like, call anytime and they’ll always pick up good.”

Yes, the rest of her write-up is as well that fun, check it out here.

Read Ensemble 📚

Patagonia Is the Bernie Sanders of Fashion?

Image via

How does that comparison sit with you? 🤔

While I don’t think Bernie would humor the comparison himself…it made for a quick, interesting read nonetheless. 

“Corporations are not people, but if they were, Patagonia might be Bernie Sanders: authentic and committed from the start, but only more recently lauded by the wider world for it.” 

Maybe overly optimistic, but perhaps this is indicative of a trend? 

Do-Gooders have become more than just ‘celebrated underdogs.’ They have begun to ‘set the standard’ in their respective fields…

While this comparison most likely won’t catch on…it’s a curious one nonetheless.

*Reminder* — Don’t forget that last week we published a #ReadEnsemble podcast, covering a summary & key takeaways from Yvonn’s book, Let My People Go Surfing.

Live Ensemble 

♻️ 9 Things You Actually Can’t Recycle

How did you celebrate your Earth Day this last week? We at Grow Ensemble celebrated by learning about what we could and couldn’t recycle

*We also celebrated by officially announcing our Climate Neutral Certification (see that below)*

The ins and outs of recycling is quite the important topic, and worth all of us gaining a better understanding.

So, in case you’re interested in saving time on a read, here are 9 things you can’t recycle (via Discover Magazine): 

1. To-Go Coffee Cups (get yourself a KeepCup, duh!) 

2. Plastic Bags

3. Shredded Paper 

4. Plastic Cutlery, Pens, & other Small Plastics (anything smaller than a Credit Card 💳)

5. Ribbons & Bows 🎀 (Gift wrap, tape and all, are okay!)

6. Batteries 🔋 (depending on what’s available at your local recycling center)

7. Soiled Cardboard (think: no greasy pizza boxes! 🍕)

8. Flexible Shipping Bags 

9. Takeaway Paper Bowls 🍚

Important recycling FYIs!

Elsewhere… 🚀

It’s official! Grow Ensemble is Climate Neutral Certified

We were thrilled to announce on Earth Day last week, with 102 other brands, we certified as Climate Neutral!  

This means: 

  1. We’ve measured the carbon emissions of our business. 
  2. We’ve taken considerable action to reduce those emissions (and set continued reduction targets).
  3. We’ve offset the remaining emissions we have yet to reduce, with carbon credits. 

With all the included companies, that represents 160,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide!  

Offsetting that amount of carbon has the same climate impact as removing 35,000 passenger cars from the road for an entire year. Pretty cool, huh? 😎

What Happens at the Cotopaxi Questival 🔍

As mentioned in last week’s Better World Weekly, Annie and I were set to compete in Cotopaxi’s at-home scavenger hunt and adventure race, Questival Quarenteam

Of course, we had a blast. 

From showing off Milou’s best tricks, to hugging lonely trees, and sending nice notes to friends we haven’t spoken with recently, the competition was a fun and quirky way to enjoy a socially distant weekend.

I’d be on the lookout for the next one! 

The event made for a very full weekend of laughs and human connection. Our team ended up in the top 100 teams with over 1000 teams total!

End Note

Thanks for reading this edition of the Better World Weekly. I hope you enjoyed it. If you think you might have a friend or colleague who’d enjoy these sorts of updates as well, I’d love it if you shared it with them. You can send them here to sign up.

If you come across anything compelling in the world of social entrepreneurship and social impact, please send it my way. Love to hear what you are reading and interested in. 

Lastly, if you are a purpose-driven business or organization that wants help building an audience & community around your brand and mission, let’s schedule a strategy call.



Co-Founder & CEO, Grow Ensemble

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