Better World Weekly (#31)  
The ‘Real’ Lord of the Flies, Virtual Movie Night, & a B Corp Treat

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Happy Monday y’all

Hope everyone is enjoying their May! 

I don’t know about you, but it feels odd to me that seemingly so much and so little can be happening in our lives at the same time. 

For Annie and me, we’ve been busier than we maybe have ever been with Grow Ensemble (perhaps self-inflicted), but of course, that’s all done within the constraints of our ‘new’ socially distanced lives, where the novelty of a pre-COVID-19 life is certainly missed. 

Some nice joys experienced this weekend though as we celebrated Annie’s law school graduation with Zoom and champagne!

Well deserved! 

Cheers to you & yours this week—take a moment to celebrate something if you haven’t in a while. It’s refreshing. 🥂

Enjoy this Better World Weekly!


Better World Business Growth 📈

🚀 Basics of Marketing a Social Enterprise or Purpose-Driven Business Online


That’s the sentiment that I reiterate to our clients, workshop attendees, or readers of our Grow Ensemble blog. 

Marketing your business or organization doesn’t have to be wildly complex. 

Stop worrying about if you need to be on Pinterest, running Google Ads, sending email newsletters, or whatever else you hear!

At its core, a complete digital marketing strategy only requires:

  • A source of Traffic — (this can be through ads, creating & sharing content, or partnerships)
  • A means to Capture — (at its simplest level this is inviting website visitors to sign up for an email list, so you can ensure the first time they visit your business’ site isn’t the last)
  • A method to Nurture — (Emails or other content like blogs, podcasts, social media posts, because you need to build a relationship with those new subscribers). 
  • Conversion — (You have to provide opportunities for these visitors, now subscribers, to support you and your business. Ask for their support and direct them to a sales page). 

The best part? You only need one way to do each one of these: drive traffic, capture it, nurture it, convert it. 

Keep it simple.

🧠Opening Today! Our Better World Business Growth Mastermind!

Today is the official launch of our Better World Business Growth Mastermind

This group is for social enterprise and purpose-driven business leaders who want to grow their businesses from 6-figures in revenue to 7 (and beyond). 

This Mastermind is for entrepreneurs who want to run both an impactful and industry-leading business.  

If you are interested in joining this group, check out what’s all included for members (along with the special launch bonuses!) here

 *And if you missed it…

We released the last video in our 3-part video series on Thursday of this week. In case you didn’t catch any of those, you can find them here: 

Interested in joining the group but have questions? Feel free to reply! I’ll answer all questions as quickly as I can.

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🍦A Decadent Better World Business Treat!

If you are seeking indulgences to store in your freezer in this period of at-home quarantine, you might consider the deliciously smooth, creamy, non-dairy ice cream, NadaMoo! 

With Austin, TX roots and the Certified B Corp logo on the side of their pints, NadaMoo! has become a quarantine favorite of ours… 

We recommend the Cookies & Créme. 😬

NadaMoo! is available nationwide, so if you are curious where you might be able to find some of these Certified B Corp treats, use their store locator tool.

Read Ensemble 📚

👑The Real Lord of the Flies: What Actually Happens When a Group of Children Shipwreck & Get Stranded Alone?

    Still taken from 1963 Lord of the Flies film. Photograph: Ronald Grant

    In the Guardian this last week, Dutch author and historian, Rutger Bregman, challenges our assumption that humans are inherently selfish

    For research for an upcoming book, on a “more hopeful view” of history and human nature, he came across what seems to be a real-life Lord of the Flies story. 

    Six young boys, ages 13-16, headed out on a fishing trip off the coast of Australia, only to be caught in a storm, shipwrecked, and ultimately stranded on a remote island for 15 months. 

    The British schoolboys, from the novel Lord of the Flies, faced a scenario of extreme similarity. 

    But, these two ‘stories’ end completely differently. 

    In the novel: the schoolboys’ civility quickly fades, they turn on each other, and in the end, a few end up dead. 

    In real-life: the boys take care of one another, fished and foraged together and for one another, and all survived.  

    Of course, there’s much more to each story, but the differences are clear and their impacts on culture are widely different too. 

    One is a story that has (unfortunately) remained relatively untold…

    Another, is a story told in a book that’s sold “tens of millions of copies,” been “translated into more than 30 languages and hailed as one of the classics of the 20th century” written by an author, William Golding, who was “an alcoholic, prone to depression; a man who hit his kids.” 

    Sure—we all know the tale is fiction, but how has that (or other stories) created the false narratives we live with about the true character of human nature? 

    Are we in fact that selfish, cynical, and cutthroat? 

    Or, in the worst of circumstances, might we, in fact, be more prone to collaborative, communal sacrifice, and working towards shared outcomes than we’ve been led to think?

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    ♻️ Can We Create a Circular Economy through Sustainable Product Design? 

      If you’ve been on this newsletter for a while, then you’re probably familiar with Annie’s & my appreciation for Pela. That’s why it was such a pleasure to chat with Jeremy Lang, the original Founder, on the podcast. 

      Jeremy’s story with Pela is an interesting one, and we dove into that in our chat along with: 

      • Jeremy’s thoughts & beliefs on sustainable product design 
      • What lever would be the most significant for consumer products companies to pull to lessen their environmental impact
      • How it was finding two business partners with complementary skill sets to his own, that has transformed Pela into the company it is today. 

      👉Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or Others


      We also refreshed our full write-up on the Pela’s Compostable Phone Cases — in case you might be interested in ditching your old, plastic case for something you’d be able to throw in your backyard when you are finished, then check out our post.

      Elsewhere… 🚀 

      🍿A Movie Night—Amplifying Sustainable Solutions to the Refugee Crisis

        Our friends at HOME Storytellers are hosting a virtual movie-night for their exceptional, award-winning short documentary titled, “Hot Dogs on a Tricycle.” 

        In this short film, they share the story of Mario, a 17-year-old from El Salvador, who after battling violence in his home country, has to flee and start a ‘new life’ in Mexico. 

        You can sign up and watch the film with hundreds of others, here. 

        10 minutes incredibly well spent. So well shot, and in such a brief moment of time, you are able to connect with the story of Mario, and the incredible decisions he (and others victims to similar circumstances) has been forced to face.

        End Note

        Thanks for reading this edition of the Better World Weekly. I hope you enjoyed it. If you think you might have a friend or colleague who’d enjoy these sorts of updates as well, I’d love it if you shared it with them. You can send them here to sign up.

        If you come across anything compelling in the world of social entrepreneurship and social impact, please send it my way. Love to hear what you are reading and interested in. 

        Lastly, if you are a purpose-driven business or organization who wants help building an audience & community around your brand and mission, let’s schedule a strategy call.



        Co-Founder & CEO, Grow Ensemble

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