#47 – From Kentucky to India: Global Impact through Textile Design

with Colleen & Maggie Clines of Anchal Project

47 - Colleen & Maggie Clines

Colleen Clines traveled to India as part of her Design for Development class while getting her graduate degree in landscape architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her only project prompt was to work with textiles with a community in need. While there, she connected with an NGO in the red-light district in Calcutta that provided working opportunities for women who were forced into the commercial sex trade and/or were survivors of domestic violence. This inspired her to want to contribute resources, which led to the founding of Anchal Project

In 2011, Colleen brought her sister, Maggie into the business, as she had just graduated with a degree in architecture. Now, Colleen is CEO, while Maggie is Vice President and Creative Director.

Over the course of nine years, Anchal has grown into a nonprofit that utilizes design to foster change and make an incredible social impact. Anchal now employs over 150 artisans in both India and the Clines’ hometown of Louisville, Kentucky to design and manufacture original handmade bedding, decor, scarves, bags, and more.

In this episode, the Clines discuss the founding of Anchal, how Colleen tricked Maggie into joining the business, how the nonprofit has evolved, and the further impact they are looking to have as they continue to grow.

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A real turning point is the confidence we built through those first few years, but really the impact, taking action regardless of whatever you don’t have.” – Colleen Clines

Colleen and Maggie ClineColleen (middle left) and Maggie (middle right) with a few of Anchal’s Artisans

Topics Discussed: 

  • What it’s like to work together as sisters
  • How they went from working out of their parents’ house to paying themselves salaries
  • The growth of Anchal over the course of nine years
  • How they are looking to evolve Anchal further

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