28 Gifts for Wine Lovers:
The Essential, Interesting, and Unforgettable

by | Jan 19, 2021

Whether it’s the most wine-derful time of the year, your partner in wine’s birthday, or another riesling (I’ll stop, I promise) for gifting, we have a long list full of gift ideas for the wine lovers in your life. We picked (that was unintentional) not only grape gifts for wine lovers, but gifts that are also sustainable, and in the case of wines, biodynamic. Inside this list, you will definitely find the wine that you want (last one!).

So, chardonnay we go! (Okay, that was the last one.)


Meet Our Partner: Brooks Wine

Brooks Wine believes making exquisite wine is more than an art, it is an act of stewardship and deep honor for the Earth, its peoples, and the connection between the two.

As a certified Biodynamic vineyard, Brooks works to maintain the delicate balances of nature and tend to all aspects of their vineyard, from the tiniest insect to the grapes themselves. They’ve cultivated a self-sustaining ecosystem with a diverse cast of plant and animal species in lieu of additives and harmful pesticides.

As part of their commitment to nature, they use only natural ingredients and practices throughout their entire winemaking process. As a Certified B Corp, Brooks’ commitment extends to every piece of their business, ensuring the production of their top-rated wines is one that is good for the taste buds, the environment, and the community.

Check out our friends at Brooks Wine, or learn about other Grow Ensemble partners here.

Gifts for the Wine Enthusiast: The ‘Not-So’ Traditional Wine Clubs

If you can spring for a couple months’ subscription to a wine club, this is a game changer. Wine clubs are an amazing way for wine lovers to get their hands on experimental, limited edition, low production wines from a trusted vineyard. Wine Clubs often come with cool events, discount rates, and tastings for members, and is a great opportunity to take wine experience and knowledge to the next level.

While wine clubs have been around for awhile, there are none quite like Brooks’ wine clubs. Since Brooks is Demeter Certified (Biodynamic), 1% for the Planet partner, and a Certified B Corp, a subscription to one of their wine clubs is the gift that keeps on giving…literally!

6 Bottle Mix Club – $125-$200/shipment depending on red vs. white 

Brooks’ 6 Bottle Mix Club is a perfect entry level club gift for wine fans. The 6 Bottle Mix Club from Brooks offers three shipments a year (winter, spring, and fall) with a mix of reds and whites to try. Their biodynamic single vineyard and classic wines can include the Willamette Valley Riesling, Janus Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, and more.

12 Bottle Mix Club – $375/shipment

For a more enthusiastic wine lover who needs more than six bottles per shipment, Brooks also offers the 12 Bottle Mix Club. Like the 6 Bottle Mix Club, the 12 Club offers a mix of red and white wines, biodynamic of course, but the 12 Bottle Mix Club only ships twice a year (spring and fall). It also includes single vineyard and classic wines, and includes free shipping on club shipments.

Both clubs also offer a reds only or whites only option if your giftee is more partial to one. And they both include benefits like savings and discounts and members only events.

Simple with a Twist: Biodynamic Wines

2017 Rastaban Pinot Noir – $60.00

Biodynamic wine is low intervention wine made with a focus on healthy land so the grapes can speak for themselves in the winemaking process. It’s an amazing technique that relies on expertise down to the nutrients in the soil, and that’s why is makes the best wine.

One of 620 biodynamic wine producers worldwide is our partner, Brooks Wines. Based on the locale in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, Brooks’ specialties are their pinot noir and their riesling.

It’s dark and fruity and contains hints of raspberries and blackberries and an undertone of “brambly herbaceousness” (read: rose petals), and a spicy and juicy finish. Named after the star in the eye of the Draco constellation, the 2017 Rastaban Pinot Noir was made from three clones of Brooks Estate Vineyard pinot noir grapes.

Pinot noirs are very versatile for food pairing, and this one in particular would go well with a pork tenderloin, for example.

Sommelier notes: “Beautifully layered with deep red and black fruit characteristics. Rounded tannins and a juicy finish leave you wanting more…”


Brooks provides “tasting notes” for each bottle that can be downloaded and passed along to your giftee. It’s a great way to offer a guided experience with the wine for beginners, or for the experienced wine lover, an opportunity to compare notes!

2017 Cahier Riesling – $30.00

When you see “riesling” your mind may (through years of marketing intake) wander into thoughts of sugary and sweet. But, as mentioned, riesling is a Brooks specialty, and their array of award-winning rieslings will give your giftee pause— this varietal will mostly leave them wondering what riesling can’t do.

So, for the white wine fans in your life, we have to recommend Brooks’ 2017 Cahier Riesling.

This medium-sweet riesling has hints of peach, ginger, pineapple, and citrus flower, and 210 cases of this classic vintage were produced! Once your giftee gets a sip, we’re confident they’ll be hooked, looking for more of the riesling spectrum.

Rieslings can range from very dry to sweet, so this medium-sweet riesling would pair great with a spicy Asian cuisine like pad Thai, ramen, or kung pao chicken, yum!

Sommelier notes: “This medium-sweet Riesling is loaded with notes of ripe apples, ginger and peaches with a long thirst-quenching finish.”


There’s a special story behind this bottle that we think adds to its character. Sole owner, Pascal Brooks, inherited Brooks at only 8 years old when his father Jimi, Brooks Wine founder, unexpectedly passed away. Jimi built a strong community in his life of people who loved him and admired his passions and uncompromising ways. His friends and family came together to keep Brooks Wine running in the planet-friendly way Jimi envisioned.

Having been quite young when his father passed, Pascal got the opportunity to get to know his dad intimately through the journals (or in french, cahiers) he kept. And he named this label “Cahier” to honor this connection he built and his father’s vision that he keeps alive through their work today.

The Icebreaker, 3 Bottle Wine Bundle – $111.00

If you’re looking for a wine gift that will provide a chance to learn, develop a new niche enthusiasm, and save the planet, try Brooks’ Icebreaker bundle.

It comes with the 2019 Willamette Valley Riesling, the 2018 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, and the 2016 Janus Pinot Noir.

The Willamette Valley area is what determined Brooks’ riesling expertise, and the 2019 bottle is a dry riesling that will quickly move to the favorite wine list of any giftee. The Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is a crowd-pleaser, but don’t worry. They made enough for this bottle of red for everyone, coming in at 4,000 cases.

Finally, the Janus Pinot Noir is their flagship pinot noir. As they explain, “In Roman mythology, Janus is the God for new beginnings, as well as endings, the future, the past and doorways. Janus is the God of balance.” (Feel free to include that in your accompanying gift note for some regenerative wine drinking).

With a few options, your giftee will be able to expand their palate, comparing the time-tested pinot, as well as sharing some of the best there is of the riesling varietal.

Wine Accessories: Gizmos and Gadgets

Wine Opener – $12.00

To even enjoy your wines, you need a corkscrew, of course! A wine lover with no bottle opener is a recipe for weird make-shift mishaps.

Wine openers can get pretty complex, but at some point, almost every returns to their old faithful wine opener. When you’re just trying to dive into a glass of wine, you’re looking for reliability, not necessarily showmanship!.

So, what should you be looking for here? Simplicity is key to a successful plan—a tool whose quality will stand up with time, including a foil cutter and cork screw.

If you’re packaging this with a bottle, consider supporting the vineyard providing the delicious wine. It’s a great way to have your giftee reminisce fondly on the first bottle of biodynamic wine you gave them for years to come!

Wine Preserver, Coravin Model Three – $175

If your giftee doesn’t have something to preserve an opened bottle, this is the cadillac that will let them enjoy the same bottle after it’s been opened…well, actually it doesn’t open the wine, and that’s the magic of it.

The Coravin is a wine preservation system designed to pour wine without removing the cork by instead puncturing which keeps wine fresh and can be saved for longer than bottle stoppers or other preservation systems—up to 3 months!

That means the last glass will taste as fresh as the first glass months earlier, and will also lead to less wasted wine and guilt-motivated over consumption. Going where no wine stopper could go.

We can’t recommend this enough. It’s a gift that allows your giftee to dabble in the occasional glass or taste a broader variety of wines without compromising any full bottles. If your giftee likes to host, it’s also a great way to let guests sample their selection without them feeling pressure to commit. After all, a wise intro once said wine is for sharing!

Tilted Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket – $58

Decanters improve a wine’s taste by allowing the fruity and floral aromas to escape, softening tannins, and increasing oxygen exposure to the wine.

This decanter from Uncommon Goods not only acts like an aerator, it also has a space for ice to chill it. Ah, finally a wine cooler that solves the “l forgot to chill the wine!” dinner party dilemma.

Handmade in Colombia, this decanter is perfect for light-bodied reds, whites, and rosés.

And you can feel good buying this decanter on Uncommon Goods, a certified B Corp that is committed to sustainability. Not only are they a certified B Corp, they are one of the founding members! Most of the products on their site are made with recycled or sustainable materials and they offer a Better to Give program, which gives a donation with each purchase.

Marble Wine Chiller – $59.95

For the chef or host on your list, a chiller will go a long way. This hand carved marble chiller from Williams Sonoma is sure to make a great impression. A chiller is a stylish addition to any tabletop or bar and will give any bottle of wine a snug ice bath while it awaits pouring.

And rest easy knowing your gift comes from a company committed to sustainability. Williams Sonoma is not only committed to protecting the environment by using responsible and sustainable sourced materials, they also give back to communities, and have raised $2.2 million to fight childhood hunger.

WineHive 9-Bottle Modular Rack – $159

There are many wine racks on the market these days, but none as unique as this 9-Bottle Modular Rack from WineHive. Based on honeycombs, this modular rack is designed to grow with your collection and is infinitely expandable.

This rack is a perfect gift for both new and seasoned wine collectors. Perhaps a lovely place to store their new Wine Club collection?

But that’s not the only thing this wine rack has going for it. WineHive was inspired by the bee and is taking steps to protect the dwindling honeybee population. They donate 1% of every order directly to different programs dedicated to saving the bees. So gift the wine lover in your life a way to store their buzz while helping bees keep theirs.

Under Cabinet Hanging Stemware Rack – $30.99

If you are gifting to a wine drinker who is somewhat of a minimalist, but you’d like to gift something more permanent than a bottle of wine or subscription, this is a really great option.

An under-cabinet rack allows stemware to double as easily-accessible and sleek looking decoration.

Like all things Etsy, this stemware rack is handmade and uses natural wood. Each slot is adjustable, which makes it more versatile than a traditional wine rack, and it’s unstained, so your giftee can paint or stain it to match their cabinets.

6 Bottle Wine Jute Bag – $10.00

Everyone thinks they don’t need a wine bag, but let me tell you a story. Once, I was in Paris and I bought a small bottle of authentic French wine, and I was so excited to bring it home so I could show off my authentic French wine. As I was walking happily through the Parisian streets with my small bottle of authentic French wine, the plastic bag I was carrying it in broke and my small bottle smashed onto the street. I. Was. Crushed.

Something similar happened to our Grow Ensemble Co-Founder. She was just trying to carry 3 bottles–something we all think we can handle until we can’t. See the results on her front porch.

Suffice to say, every oenophile needs a wine bag to tote around their bottles of wine. And luckily, Brooks has you covered with this jute wine bag that carries six bottles of vino!


Wine Gift Sets: Pre-Made Partnerships

Beyond Brooks Bundle – $99.00

Brooks Wines is a collaborative group that cares about community and inviting more wine enthusiasts into the fold.

Recently, they launched a new series in collaboration with non-wine artisan producers. Beyond Brooks is a monthly bundle that delivers new products and educational experiences for subscribers.

Each bundle will contain two bottles of Brooks wine specially chosen, a selection of goods from that month’s partner, and a virtual get together with Brooks leaders and the founder or CEO of the partner company, and Brooks will donate $5 to Wine Unify, a nonprofit organization working towards creating more diversity in the wine industry, for every bundle purchased.

And there is something for everyone on your list. Previous partners have included Rogue Creamery, a certified B Corp and award-winning cheese producer and Durant at Red Ridge Farms, an Oregon olive mill, and future partners include Nossa Familia Coffee, another certified B Corp that specializes in sustainable coffee and Kiss the Ground, a nonprofit dedicated to soil regeneration.

Gifts for Wine Learners: Books and Classes about Wine

For the bibliophiles and oenophiles, here are some ideas to cultivate their curiosities.

Wine Folly Tasting Journal – $9.78

Giving wines or wine accessories isn’t the only way to indulge the wine connoisseur in your life. A wine journal is a great way for wine drinkers to keep track of the wine they taste, which will make the tasting and learning process a comprehensive growing experience.

This wine journal made by Wine Folly is a great way to jot down notes about the wine’s appearance, body, taste, what it pairs well with, and many other details. And this wine making patent cover gives it a stylish retro feel.

We’ve mentioned Better World Books several times here, and that’s because they are an amazing company and a great alternative to Amazon. As a certified B Corp that’s committed to sustainability and literacy, Better World Books is our go to for all things books, including this wine journal.

Natural Wine: An Introduction to Organic and Biodynamic Wines Made Naturally – $25.75

Written by Isabelle Legeron, a crusader for the natural wine movement, Natural Wine is a great way to introduce a wine fan to the ins and outs of organic, biodynamic, and “natural” wines.

In an easy to read manner, Natural Wine explains the process of organic and biodynamic farming, spotlights some organic and biodynamic growers, and recommends over 140 of the best wines out of those spaces.

The third edition, which was published October 2020, has been fully updated and includes recommendations for orange wine and bubbly (champagne, of course).


You can buy the second edition on Better World Books if you want to support the certified B Corp.

Voodoo Vintners: Oregon’s Astonishing Biodynamic Winegrowers – $15.00

Oregon-based biodynamic winegrower, Brooks Wines, of course offers the best book on Oregon’s rise in biodynamic winegrowing in their online gift shop.

This book covers all things biodynamic including the history from the Paleolitich era, differences between organic viticulture, biodynamic winegrowing, how wine is made on a biodynamic vineyard, and stories about the individual Oregonian wineries and wine makers.

Unlike Natural Wine, Voodoo Vintners does not cover recommendations to specific wines, so Voodoo Vintners and Natural Wine would pair nicely on a wine lover’s bedside table.

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide – $28.14

The original Wine Folly was published in 2015 and became an immediate hit due to its easy-to-understand information and infographics. This Magnum Edition is an even deeper look at wines and perfect for any enthusiast looking to step up their wine knowledge game.

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition promises to help you “learn how to assess wine quality,” “find new wines that you’re likely to enjoy,” “make great food and wine pairing,” and “gain confidence with wine.” Starting with wine basics like label reading and covering all the different wine regions, Wine Folly: Magnum Edition is perfect for new wine fans to full blown oenophiles alike.

Wine Appreciation Masterclass – $90 (or $180 for annual pass to MasterClass)

For the wine lover who wants to dive even deeper, try the Wine Appreciation Masterclass taught by James Suckling, one of the “world’s most powerful wine critics.”

In this 11 video, 2.5 hour class, your giftee will learn everything about wine from how to swirl the glass, to tastings, to food pairings. They will definitely appreciate the gift that helps them increase their knowledge, understanding, and confidence with wine with this experience.

With an annual pass, they’ll be able to quench all of their learning needs, gaining access to classes on anything under the sun from gardening to writing.

Wine Style Tasting Course – $19.00

A more affordable course option, but with great information and a knowledgeable instructor, Wine Folly’s Wine Course is another gift worth considering. Taught by Madeline Puckette, the James Beard award-winning author and writer of Wine Folly, this two hour course teaches the fundamentals of wine, how to develop a personal wine style, how to taste wine like a pro, and comes with a PDF workbook.

This is another gift that would be great for a group or family of oenophiles and would pair well with the Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide.

Wine Spectator Subscription – $29.95 for 1 year (15 issues)

Subscriptions are (by some) an underrated gift idea. They’re so great. If your giftee is in the learning phase of wine, or is just keeping up with the wine community, a subscription will keep them in the loop.

If you have a collector on your hands, it’s also a great way to chronicle the industry’s evolution.

Wine Spectator is one of the top wine magazines around and a leader in wine ratings. As a wine lifestyle magazine, Wine Spectator includes information about sustainability in wines and wine travel destinations, but also recipes, food and wine pairings, and wine and design. 

Zoom is Better with Wine: Gift a Tasting!

Brooks Virtual Wine Tasting – varies

While we hope we’ll all be able to attend wine tastings in person again soon, for now, a better and safer option is having them virtually. Even after life returns to normal, this opens up a world of possibilities for long-distance tastings.

Fortunately, Brooks has us covered again! They have turned their award-winning Tasting Room into a virtual tasting room, a perfect option for the more social wine fans. And it can give you a chance to cross multiple wine lovers off your gift list by inviting them to the tasting together!

Brooks’ certified sommelier, Janie, leads each virtual tasting with information about the wines, the vineyard, biodynamics, and other sustainable winemaking. Each tasting is customized and personalized for the group. Until Brooks’ Tasting Room is open again, their Virtual Wine Tasting is a great way to introduce people to their biodynamic wines.

Brooks also offers in-person experiences like the Elevated Tasting & Tour, which includes a tour and tasting (with a complementary charcuterie board) for up to 8 guests. (Please note, Brooks’ Tasting Room is closed due to government mandate, but they hope to open soon.)

The Terroir Pinot Noir – $155

Looking for a little something extra to give to an already wine enthusiast? Well, any wine lover knows (or is about to know) that good wine comes from good grapes, and good grapes come from good soil.

Terroir means something close to sense of place, and that’s what Brooks was drawing on when they decided to focus on their pinot game.

This bundle comes with 3 different pinot noirs from different soil types, so your giftee can not only enjoy the benefits of biodynamic winemaking, but they’ll be able to explicitly taste for it! Great for learning for amateurs and a great challenge for the most experienced wine snobs.

This three bottle bundle is a great way to introduce someone to the nuance (and fun) of biodynamic wines at once. You can find Brooks’ tasting notes for each bottle to pass along so your giftee can guide their experience.

The 2017 Sunny Mountain Pinot Noir comes from marine sedimentary soil, the 2017 Toluca Lane Pinot Noir comes from volcanic basalt soil, and the 2017 Janus Pinot Noir comes from vineyards with varying soil types.

If your giftee gives this a go, we’d love to hear how it went for them and whether they have a preference, so send them back our way!

Wine Plus Ones

MiiR 10 oz Wine Tumbler – $19.95

This durable tumbler is perfect for on-the-go wine drinkers. There’s no leaking, no breaking, and no sweating (both for the tumbler and the drinker) with this sleek design. It’s become our go-to for any and all outdoor adventures. Makes it possible to cheers friends at a picnic, during some well-deserved repose at your hike summit, or near a campfire. Our favorite? A sunset cheers with Brooks’ Concho Pinot Noir.

And MiiR is of course a sustainable company, as a certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet member. Every MiiR product sold helps fund projects for clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities. Each product includes a “givecode” at the bottom that can be registered and allows you to follow along and receive project updates. Current projects include Women’s Wilderness in Boulder, CO, Black Girl Ventures in D.C., and Water1st in Bangladesh. So far they have donated $1.5 million dollars to 71 projects in 26 countries.


You can buy the For double fun (and double the impact!) they also offer a durable wine bottle for $34.95. Give the ability to drink the whole bottle and the tumbler full of wine anywhere!

Fleece Blanket – $50.00

At a time when indoor wine meetups just aren’t possible, any and all hands on deck to get us safely and comfortably together are welcome. Again, Brooks heeds the call.

Made from micro-sherpa wool, this blanket is reversible and so soft. Outdoor seating? No problem. Or, if your giftee isn’t one to venture far from home, this’ll be great to curl up with one of the wine books on our list, a glass of wine (can we recommend the 2017 Janus Pinot Noir), and this luxurious throw for a cozy night in.

Wine Gummies Trio – $24.00

Got a pal going dry for a while?

They’ll love the gift of a sip of wine without drinking with these wine flavored gummies. These gummies are all-natural and vegan, and alcohol free. A grown up treat you can indulge in to your belly’s delight. They come in three flavors, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Rosé, for the right taste for any occasion.

Spanish Stemless Wine Glasses – $58.00

This set of 6 stemless wine glasses will look wonderful for the stylish wine fan. Made with 100% recycled glass and handmade and mouth-blown by Spanish artisans, this set has a distinctive aesthetic you can feel good about.

Newly, a certified B Corp, only uses 100% recycled or repurposed materials in their products and because of that, they have diverted 8.5 tons of waste from landfills, recycled 19,764 plastic bottles, and saved 3,700,000 gallons of water. This particular set will save 15.4 hours of LCD TV energy and avoid .9kg of CO2 emissions.

Recycled Wine Bottle Platter with Spreader – $24.00

Another Uncommon Goods find, this platter duo is great for wine aesthetic enthusiasts. These are a great housewarming gift or a thank you gift to show your gratitude to a wine-drinking do-gooder in your life.

These platters are handmade with recycled wine bottles taken from the roadside and national forests in Wyoming. The spreader handles are made with cork, which adds to the wine look. And it’s a fun piece to use during a virtual wine tasting!

Outdoor Wine Table – $58.00

This fun little gadget is a convenient way to have your wine time outside; ideal for the outdoorsy wine drinker on your list.

This handmade table is made with Baltic birch plywood and is designed to hold all the necessities for a small wine picnic: two wine glasses, a bottle of vino, and even a small charcuterie board. With a fiberglass spike, this table lets you take your wine almost anywhere you want to go, including on an outdoor picnic with the MiiR tumbler!

Yay or Cabernet?

There are many, many gift ideas for wine lovers out there, but it takes a little more digging to find the best eco-friendly and sustainable gifts. Hopefully this will keep you covered for birthday, wedding, graduation, and holiday gifts at least.

Any sustainable wine ideas we left out? Let us know and sip, sip hooray!

Melissa Zepeda

Melissa Zepeda


Melissa is a graphic designer by trade who loves to find opportunities to try new things wherever she can. Hailing equally from Denver and Houston, she now lives in San Antonio with her little monster/pup. You can keep up with Melissa on her website.

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