An Impact-Driven Healthcare Entrepreneur: Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford—Audiologist, Advocate, & Philanthropist


As a young girl, Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford suffered from hearing difficulties and a speech impediment, and she was bullied as a product of it. She used her childhood experience to develop a great sense of resilience, developing early-intervention strategies for individuals with communication disorders.

Lana is the founder and CEO of Joseph-Ford Enterprises and High Level Speech and Hearing Center in New Orleans. She serves as an advocate for musicians’ health around New Orleans. She’s had some notable clients, artists like Drake and the musical group Tank and the Bangas. Lana has been featured in Forbes, Gambit 40 Under 40, Newtral Groundz, and Biz New Orleans Magazine. Currently, Lana has a news segment  called “Healthy Habits with Dr. J,” which airs on WWLTV’s Great Day Louisiana every Friday at 9 am.

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Lana and I dive deep into the realities of being an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry: what sort of challenges are commonly faced and the misconceptions and bad advice that early healthcare entrepreneurs often receive.

Most importantly, we discuss how High Level’s quick growth contributed to “The Great Purge of 2019,” in which Lana and her team sat down for a month to discuss organizational infrastructure and the company culture. We also talk about how Lana and her team have adapted to this moment in the COVID era and what this means for her and her practice moving forward.

Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford with two of her pediatric patients – helping the children she treats overcome their hearing and speech difficulties is one of the most rewarding parts of her work.

“That patience and compassion, when you become CEO and are managing a team of 40 employees, it becomes a little different. Yes, so-and-so’s baby is graduating, but did they actually put PTO in in time? Or did they wait until the very last minute to put in their PTO? As a healthcare provider, I’m compassionate: ‘Oh my God, your baby’s graduating. That’s wonderful.’ As CEO, I’m like, ‘Hey, did you follow the rules? If you didn’t, we’ll have to talk about it.” – Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford

Topics Discussed:

  • Dr. Ford’s background and inspiration for founding her practice
  • How to balance being a healthcare practitioner with being an entrepreneur
  • Common challenges and misconceptions in the early stages of starting a healthcare practice
  • What it took to teach Lana that developing core values as a company is crucial
  • The shift to a virtual office in the era of COVID, looking ahead to the future

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