#65 – The Many Facets of Social Good: Making an Impact through Family, Failures, and a Thriving B Corp Certified Business

with Greg Hemmings, CEO of Hemmings House

hemmings-house-Greg Hemmings

Greg Hemmings is the CEO and co-founder of Hemmings House, a certified B-Corp film production company focusing on producing content that makes a difference. Based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Hemmings House has been producing film content interested in positive social change-making for nearly a decade, and their television series and documentaries have been sold to almost 60 broadcasters around the world. 

Greg is involved in many entrepreneurial ventures besides Hemmings House. He was also a co-founder of the Love Economy, a movement around a new model of business that focuses on more than just wealth and prosperity; he hosts The Boiling Point podcast, a podcast geared toward entrepreneurs; and Filmpreneur, a mastermind he hosts where he coaches entrepreneurs on how to utilize storytelling to influence positive social change.

In this episode, we chat about how Greg has become a jack of all trades; how he is working hard to have an influence on his kids but allow them to chart their own paths; his thoughts on failure; and making a positive impact on the world through the work that he does. He is grateful to the B-Corp community for ensuring that stance for his company. We also go on a fun tangent about the benefits of plant medicine.

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CEO Greg with Hemmings’ House team members Megan Thelosen (left) and Zoe Boyd (right)

“As a lifelong learner, and somebody who wants to experience life to the fullest, having some big fails is really important. Maybe I just understand that. Some other people are really afraid of failure and being seen as a failure.” -Greg Hemmings

Topics Discussed: 

  • How Greg approaches jumping headfirst into new projects and experimentation
  • Hemmings House’s unique approach to storytelling
  • Greg’s parental journey
  • How Greg has learned to overcome failure
  • Making positive social impact through B-Corps
  • Greg’s goals for 2020

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