#73 – Building a Financially Healthy Workforce, One Company at a Time

with Ennie Lim, Founder of HoneyBee


When Ennie Lim got a divorce several years ago, she had no idea of the impact that it would have on her, not just on her self-esteem and mental health, but on her financial health. Her credit was ruined, to the point where she couldn’t get approved for an apartment, and she had no idea what to do about it.

She packed up her bags from the Bay Area and moved back in with her parents in Montreal. But she knew that was not where her story ended.

It took Ennie enduring a major financial crisis to recognize how empowering taking control of your financial wellness can be, and she wanted to take that newfound knowledge wide.

This is why she and her partners co-founded HoneyBee, a certified benefit corporation that provides employers the tools that their employees need to gain financial control over their own lives. Their programs include the opportunity to borrow loans with zero percent interest (rather than having to ask for advances on their paychecks) and speak to financial counselors who can give them the guidance that they need to stay financially healthy.

In the time of this global pandemic, it has become even more clear that the majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Employers are having to furlough or lay off their employees in order to maintain control of their business. And employees are having to become more understanding of the fact that their financial security and employment status could change at any moment.

Now employers are recognizing to prioritize the financial health of their employees in addition to their physical health, and it’s a lesson that they hopefully will not forget.

HoneyBee’s goal is to ensure that all employees have access to opportunities to gain (or regain) control of their financial health, and Ennie and her team are proud to be a part of that solution.

Lim sharing the HoneyBee story on Good Day Sacramento

“Having that empathy, being in that situation, and knowing there was no other solution at the time didn’t feel right. I just kept going one step at a time. I never would have imagined us helping thousands of Americans today. But it was just one step at a time. You have to solve that problem.” -Ennie Lim

Topics Discussed: 

  • Ennie’s own personal financial crisis and how that led to her founding HoneyBee
  • HoneyBee’s growth since launch in 2016 
  • The method and meaning behind HoneyBee’s work
  • HoneyBee’s company culture (authenticity and empathy being major components)
  • Prioritizing financial wellness in the workplace, in this crisis and beyond

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