#46 – The Power of Close Relationships

with Julia Chung, CEO of Admin Slayer and Spring Financial

46 - Julia Chung

Julia Chung is the rockstar CEO of both Spring Financial Planning and Admin Slayer. Spring Financial Planning is a financial planning firm that offers advice-only financial planning services to Canadians. Admin Slayer is a virtual assistant company that provides administrative, bookkeeping, and marketing support to entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses.

Neither of these businesses would be possible without the incredible women Julia met along the way. Because she was able to form close relationships with them, both professionally and personally, she was able to rely on them to grow these businesses and herself. Julia has also allowed herself to slowly step out of the day-to-day operations of both businesses and focus more on her strengths, which are business development and strategy, and the management of her teams.

This development of these types of interwoven relationships is just one of the key topics that Julia touches on in this episode. In addition, this episode discusses how Julia manages acting as CEO of two companies simultaneously, Julia’s passion for delegation, an exercise to help you improve your delegation skills, and how the blending of work and life rather than the balancing of it can actually contribute to your overall success.

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Every piece of baggage that you have not only gets carried into your personal relationships, but it also comes to work with you. If you can’t figure out what’s going on in here, you will be absolutely pointless and useless to your team.” –Julia Chung

Julia ChungJulia Chung, CEO of Spring Financial Planning and Admin Slayer

Topics Discussed: 

  • How Julia remotely manages the CEO role of two companies
  • Julia’s passion for delegation
  • An exercise to help you improve delegation
  • The importance of close relationships in business
  • The blend of work and life and how that contributes to success

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