10 Years on a Mission to Save our Planet (One Reusable Cup at a Time)

with Abigail Forsyth, Co-Founder of KeepCup


Abigail Forsyth is the managing director and co-founder of KeepCup, which is known worldwide for its bright, bold, and instantly recognizable reusable cups.

KeepCup was the world’s first barista standard reusable coffee cup, which is now used in cafes and coffee shops all over the world. These KeepCups are also one of our favorite sustainable gift ideas

Their cups are typically made of stainless steel with a cork band made of material sourced from Portugal, but they also carry glass cups. Their cups are customizable to bring joy to each individual consumer through its design, thus allowing you to have your own KeepCup original. 

Over 10 million KeepCup users have diverted billions of disposable cups from the landfill, creating a recyclable alternative that is even dishwasher-safe. From coffee cups, they have expanded into other reusable items like water bottles and travel mugs. While KeepCup was founded and still based in Australia, they have since opened offices in Los Angeles and London.

Abigail is a leader in the global campaign to inspire others to reduce and reuse. Her long play is ultimately about improving the current convenience culture to take up sustainable alternatives to disposable single-use items, especially those that use BPA. This passion has surely translated into the company that KeepCup has been and is continuing to evolve into.

They are a founding certified B-Corporation since 2014 and a 1% for the Planet member, meaning they donate 1% of their top-line revenues to environmental nonprofits. They are currently partnering with Sea Shepherd; 40% of the proceeds of each cup sold in that product line are donated in support of ocean conservation. KeepCup is truly a company committed to saving the ocean

KeepCup’s Branded Collaboration with Sea Sheppard non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and preserving our world’s oceans.

Abigail’s #1 dream on her wishlist is to take over a piece of land that has been damaged by the recent bushfires in Australia and help maintain and increase the biodiversity that is meant to be on that land.

With KeepCup recently hitting a very important milestone of 10 years in existence, we talk about KeepCup’s success, especially in how they continue to remain committed to sustainable business practices. We also touch on the climate emergency that is affecting us globally, inspired by the bushfires that kicked off 2020 in Australia.

It’s interesting to both understand what has led some of these companies that we consider leaders of the sustainable and socially responsible business space to their success.

Abigail is certainly a savvy and intentional businessperson, so it’s particularly interesting to dive inside her head and hear what she is going through and thinking about as her business has achieved such success.

What now becomes their real responsibilities and implications? What is their role in addressing and affecting these critical crises of our lifetimes


Abigail (far right) at the Female Founders Panel 2019 speaking on women’s empowerment and climate change

“Signaling intention at the start is so powerful. When governments say this is coming or this is what our intention is or this is how we see the future, if they paint it powerfully and in a compelling way, business steps into line and modifies their strategies to adapt. That’s what we have seen in the last decade: just the sheer lack of that across so many sectors of the industry.” -Abigail Forsyth

Topics Discussed: 

  • Abigail’s commitment to inspire others to seek more sustainable living
  • KeepCup’s 10 years in business milestone
  • The current climate crisis, especially how it has impacted Australia with the recent bushfires
  • Abigail’s dream of rehabilitating land affected by the fires
  • The evolving role of KeepCup as they enter their second decade of business
  • How success has impacted both her and the company

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