#91 – How to Boost Giving in the Workplace

with Rachel Klausner, CEO & Founder of Millie


91 - Rachel Klausner Millie Giving

Millennials may not be the most fiscally responsible generation, but they are certainly socially responsible and value social impact. So often, friends and family will use social media to raise philanthropy dollars for their cause of choice, which young people will choose to donate to instead of selecting a cause they are passionate about. Founder and CEO of Millie Rachel Klausner realized that she was falling into this pattern herself and wanted to be more thoughtful about where her dollars went. This is where the inspiration for Millie came from.

Based out of Boston, Millie is a charitable giving platform that makes giving back easy and impactful for socially responsible companies of all sizes. Like a dating app, which many millennials are certainly familiar with, all it takes is a simple swipe right to support high-impact nonprofits with your charitable dollars. Whether you are an individual passionate about a cause or a company interested in a charitable dollar match program, the Millie app is a great choice for you.

As a product designer, Rachel was highly interested in a simple user experience when it came to developing Millie’s app. This was a key component of today’s conversation with her. We also discussed what it was like to expand Millie from a platform focused on individual giving to a new kind of corporate match program, as well as what it’s like running a fairly new start-up in the social impact space.

With a simple “swipe right” functionality, the Millie app makes it easy for companies to connect with their team through supporting causes they care about and donation matching

“The country is finally taking a look in the mirror at what we have been doing for centuries, and it’s exciting to see it trickle down into companies. We need to double down on giving and aligning with our employees around what they care about.” -Rachel Klausner

Topics Discussed: 

  • The relationship Millenials have with giving compared to other generations
  • The day-to-day of running a start-up
  • Transitioning into a new mode of programming
  • How the Millie app has become a valuable tool in the workplace
  • Rachel’s valuable advice on fundraising a social impact-startup

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