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    Why More Nonprofits & Social Enterprises Need to Market Online

    Cory Ames

    Grow Ensemble Founder & CEO

    What if when you typed something like… “best laundry detergent” into Google, you knew all 10 results that came up in your search were for companies that: 

    • Made products with non-toxic ingredients that are better for you and our planet. 

    • Treated their employees with respect — paying them fair wages, giving plenty of paid time off, and full benefits.  

    • Were an example of a “Better Business,” maybe a certified B Corporation or 1% for the Planet Member (like us!). 

    Despite what you know (or don’t) about SEO & Digital Marketing, this is absolutely possible. 

    The only issue is, the companies and organizations that are best for the world (maybe yours?), don’t invest the time or resources into building and executing on an effective digital marketing strategy

    Does that sound familiar? 

    Nonprofits doing exceptional work in their communities but struggling to get recognition, a consistent donor base, or the volunteer engagement they need. 

    An innovative social enterprise that might take something we consider waste and make it into something we can use once again — but sadly, they are dwarfed by the big budgets & teams from greenwashing corporations. 

    The thing is, better businesses & better business people like yourself can compete. You just need to know how

    And, this is what we here at Grow Ensemble hope to help you with. 

    Providing you — the social entrepreneur, with the tools, resources, and strategies to be able to expand your impact by expanding your presence online. 

    And, a good place to start? 

    Our Top 5 Website Traffic Tips for Nonprofits & Social Enterprises. 

    If you think it’s time to get more eyes on the good work of your business or organization, and finally begin to properly marry your mission with your digital marketing, start here. 

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