Grow Ensemble Partners

We team up with companies and organizations that are on a mission to make the world a better, more sustainable place for everyone. 

The first step to change is letting people know about the cause, and our partners are all about making change in the world! They understand that even once people know about the causes and issues that are important to all of us, we still can’t quite expect people to take action if they don’t know what solutions exist. 

Luckily, our partners are leaders on that front too. They are creating solutions to address some of the biggest issues our planet and people are facing, and they partner with us so that you (and we!) can join them in taking everyday action to build a better world and together, we can solve these big world problems together.

Our Partners:


Plaine Products

Our partners at Plaine Products are all about making change in the world of single-use plastic elimination!

Plaine Products is one family’s answer to the earth’s single-use plastic crisis—offering plastic-free personal care products that are good for you, your family, and the planet.

Plaine Products is a certified B Corporation and 1% for the Planet member. They teamed up with us to spread the word on plastic waste so that you might join them in their dream to have less plastic waste in the world.

Check out our friends at Plaine Products, and get 20% off your order with our code GROW.

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