The Power of Philanthropy in Business: 2,700+ Businesses on a Mission to Create a World Full of Giving

with Masami Sato, Founder & CEO of B1G1


Today, we are talking about the power of giving back, the power of philanthropy in business, and how businesses can change the world through making daily sustainable impact around the globe. We are speaking with Masami Sato, the founder and CEO of B1G1, a global giving initiative that has grown into a global movement. 

B1G1 helps businesses embed giving into the heart of their everyday activities through making giving for businesses easy, effective, and meaningful. At the time of this recording, the B1G1 community spans over 2,500 businesses and have created over 200 million giving impacts to date. 

In our episode, we dive into Masami’s trajectory as an impact-driven entrepreneur and what led her to B1G1, which she founded in 2007. She had been running a successful frozen food distribution company in Australia when she developed the urge to incorporate giving into business in a deeper way. This prompted her to move to Singapore in 2006 and found B1G1 shortly thereafter.

What is the power of giving back in business? Check out our video interview to listen in on Masami’s trajectory as an impact-driven entrepreneur and what led her to B1G1.

Empowerment was a major focus of today’s conversation. How can Masami empower herself to develop more focus and productivity? How can she empower her team to develop their own ideas and initiatives to grow and expand the company, the businesses, and the projects they support? How can she empower her current community of businesses to develop their own giving community of businesses, diversifying and expanding her network to truly become a global movement?

We discuss the unique approach to business giving that she and her team have constructed to turn this initiative into a movement, which has engaged so many businesses and impacted so many individuals and communities all across the globe.

We talk about what’s next for B1G1, where the space of philanthropy in business and corporate giving is headed, and how they are putting themselves in the position to ride that wave, expand their community, and encourage and empower their current community to do the same.


CEO Masami Sato in Kenya for B1G1’s 2019 Study Tour

“When we set a goal, we need to remind ourselves of the meaning of that goal rather than just focusing on achieving that goal.” -Masami Sato

Topics Discussed: 

  • How Masami went from running a frozen food distribution company to founding B1G1
  • Why Masami says that in 13 years B1G1 hasn’t really changed at all
  • What the future looks like for B1G1
  • B1G1’s unique approach to business giving that turned their initiative into a global movement
  • The significance of empowerment as a leader

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