The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast: Guest Guide

Welcome! We can’t wait to share your story…

Thanks for taking the time to join me on The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast! 

I’ve attached some information about the podcast and audience as well as a handful of questions below that you can review to get a feel for the content. I’m always happy to talk about whatever is most exciting for you, as an off topic podcast with enthusiasm will be much better than something you or I are bored of.

*Want a quick overview of the podcast, it’s content and intention? Check out my brief (10 min) intro episode here.*

Here’s everything you need to know for prepping for your interview.


First, we will be on Zoom:

*Note!* The Zoom link should be provided in the calendar invite you were provided with upon booking. 🙂 

Next, do you have a good mic? This can be a mic that plugs into your computer via USB, or headphones.

  • One of the biggest things that hurts recordings is echo. If you can be in a room with minimal echo (generally rooms with carpet or a rug) that would help out a lot.
  • Are you able to record a backup on your end using a Skype recording software like “call recorder?” If so great, it’s not necessary though.
  • If audio/recording quality may in any way be an issue, let me know. We can do a test call in advance if you want to check audio quality.
  • If you are on board, we will as well record video to be edited and published on the Grow Ensemble YouTube channel.

We will first begin with publishing the audio, and will save the option for publishing video at a later date. Just saying, be prepared for video. It makes the conversations much more personal.

  • If you have concerns/preferences please let me know! Otherwise, by default, I’ll assume Zoom works for you, you have a mic of reasonable quality and you are OK if we record video.


Next, what will we talk about?

The early focus of the show revolves around two topics:

  • Your Mission (the cause that your company supports, addresses, etc.)
  • Your successes/challenges in growing and sustaining both your company and mission.

The purpose of the Grow Ensemble podcast is two fold:

  1. Bring light and awareness to the causes our businesses revolve around.
  2. Be a resource for other socially focused companies/entrepreneurs in their pursuits of growing a sustainable and thriving social enterprise.

We want to get into the meat of the social/communal element of your business, bringing awareness to whatever “good” your company looks to promote in the world.

We want listeners to get a sense for the reality of the problem/opportunity you are so deeply invested in, as well as understand how they may be able to take a first action in providing a helping hand.

As well, we want the listeners to get tremendous value in hearing the growth stories of other socially conscious businesses. We’ll hope they can learn from both your successes and mistakes (you’re willing to share) that you’ve made in your journey running your business and growing it’s impact.

For who the typical listener is, imagine another socially focused business owner/entrepreneur thinking:

  • How can I start giving back with my business, today?
  • How can I grow my business to expand my impact?
  • How can I make growing my business easier?

I’ll tailor questions based on your experience, but we’ll usually talk about things like:

  • Small actions people can take to get involved with your business/cause.
  • Things folks aren’t likely to know about the cause it is your business is focused on.
  • The social/communal/environmental element of your business, what you’d like people to know about it, how people can take small (or big) actions to be apart of it.
  • Interesting opportunities, programs, upcoming events to engage with your company and/or your cause.
  • Things that have attributed to your successes (big or small) in your business
  • Resources, tools, advice that has really helped you that these businesses can take with them.
  • Mistakes that you’ve made in your business, that you hope others can benefit hearing
  • Random, quick questions covering what books you’ve been reading, podcasts you’ve been listening to, etc.

If there is anything in particular you would like to talk about, please let me know beforehand to make sure I include it.

We’ll also be sure to mention where people can find you and your business online and any things in particular you want to promote at the end of the episode.

For format, it’ll be a casual, conversational interview. You’ll do more of the talking since the audience will hear me every episode, but I’ll jump in some as well, and you should feel free to throw any questions or other ideas back at me.


What happens after?

After the interview, let me know if there’s anything we talked about that you want me to cut out.

You get the final cut, so I don’t want you to be worried about talking about anything during the conversation.

Also, let me know if there’s anything specific (e.g. books, social media, certain pages) that you want me to link to. Otherwise I’ll go off of what you mentioned at the end and what we talked about.

Then our team will edit it and get it put together, get the show notes, publish it on our site, distribute and promote.

I’ll give you a heads up when it goes live and include some material if you want to promote it to your audience!

*Typical record to launch time will be 4-8 weeks*

If you have anything you want to time your podcast publish time around, let us know. Happy to accommodate as long as it’s not some crazy rush job!

Thank again, you are awesome, and keep on rockin’ in the free world.

Please send any questions to cory {at}

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