A Case Study in Regenerative Business

with Caroline Duell, Founder & CEO of All Good Products


Working as a climbing guide and a massage therapist with a background in herbal medicine, Caroline Duell was all about connecting with nature. Through a garden she had installed on the farm she was helping run with her partner, Ryan, in northern California, she developed a salve, All Good Goop, that she gave away to her clients to heal their skin. Once a local store owner who was helping her out by providing a physical location for her products convinced her that she was indeed running a business. 

Caroline and Ryan soon after set out on the road to find more local stores to carry their constantly developing line of goopy products. Despite Caroline’s reluctance to become a business owner, All Good Products was born.

All Good Products is a skin care company making products free from harmful chemicals that are designed to be safe for the whole family (like, their reef safe sunscreen). Through Caroline’s devotion to sticking to her core values, All Good is a great case study in regenerative business. They are a certified B-Corp and 1% for the Planet member and have recently committed to going carbon neutral amongst other environmental benefits. All Good’s corporate machine is truly committed to living in harmony with nature and doing right by our mothership.

Caroline never intended to start a businesscheck out our video interview to learn more about her journey from “reluctant entrepreneur” to successful CEO.

It was such a pleasure to welcome Caroline to our podcast guest community. She is certainly someone worthy of looking up to in this space of purpose-driven, socially responsible business, a true leader within this community. Today, we talk about the origin story of All Good, how this company has grown organically from the ground up, and what it’s like for a reluctant entrepreneur like her to be the CEO of a thriving business. We examine what the role is for business in the world right now, zooming in on how All Good contributes to that responsibility of affecting positive systemic change in addressing these massive issues that lay in front of us, whether it’s the climate or racial and systemic inequalities. 

On a more personal level, we discuss what it’s like to run a business with your partner, as her husband Ryan has been involved in All Good with her from early on and is now the vice president of sales and marketing. As Annie and Cory founded Grow Ensemble together, she offers some valuable insight into how to make your relationship work in both the personal and professional realms.

all good products team

CEO Duell (back far right) with members of the All good team

“When you use the word ‘regenerative,’ there are so many angles in how that word has become a common phrase right now. One piece that does get forgotten is the importance of developing personal agency within a business so people are uplifted and ultimately have the opportunity to evolve their own capacity to see what is going to be a positive impact both on their environment around them and the people around them.” – Caroline Duell

Topics Discussed: 

  • All Good products’ origin story
  • How Caroline began and remains a reluctant businessperson
  • The evolution of All Good from products sold out of the back of her van to a global brand
  • All Good’s role in systemic change, be it social or environmental
  • The secrets of maintaining a wonderful personal and professional relationship with your partner

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