The Roadmap Builder

A Grow Ensemble Better World Business Growth Program

The first step to building a profitable, sustainable, and high-impact business or organization is determining your goals, objectives, and building your strategy to get there.

The Roadmap to Building a Profitable,
‘Better-World’ Business

Running an impact-driven business, let alone growing one is hard. 

For you, as a social entrepreneur, running a business that makes a profit isn’t enough. 

You want to do more. You want to make an impact—in your industry, with your customers, and in the lives of your employees (whether you have them yet or not).  

You want to use the success of your business to advocate for causes and issues that are important to you. 

But to achieve all that, you need to build a relationship with your market. You need to establish your authority and you need to build an audience of loyal customers and advocates that allows you to influence change in the minds of both your competitors and consumers. 

Then, with this authority, influence, and a platform in your industry, you’ll be able to disrupt the status quo of “business as usual,” for the better. 

But to achieve all that, you need a strategy. A strategy to grow—both sustainably and profitably without compromising on using your business as a vehicle for positive change.  

After working with purpose-driven businesses and social enterprises of many kinds, we created our Roadmap Builder Program, so that our team can help you to build a growth strategy that will market both your mission and business while driving profits and purpose forward.

Why social entrepreneurs need to build sustainable & profitable businesses…

Millions of businesses are bidding for attention online. Through Facebook Ads, YouTube videos, and Google searches, individuals are being bombarded with messages and solicitations to cast a “vote” with their dollars. 

Do you imagine all these businesses being stumbled upon, are examples of better businesses? Do you think all the entrepreneurs behind those businesses are social entrepreneurs determined to use their business as a “Force for Good?” 

Of course not. 

Coming up at the top of a Google search is not dependent on whether you are a Certified B Corporation or a 1% for the Planet Member. It doesn’t matter if you run an organization that doesn’t pay its people a living wage or actively pollutes local drinking water with your production. 

And so, it’s our duty to ensure that better businesses like yours, and better business people like yourself are not just competing for, but winning the attention of consumers. 

If a customer or client can find you, we know they’ll support you and advocate on your behalf.

But—they first have to find you.

Let’s take the first step in ensuring the businesses that people do find are better and will work with them to leave the world a better place than we’ve found it. 


(*This client has increased site traffic and revenues by 40% year over year*)

Here’s How The Roadmap Builder Program Works





Intake Q&A

The moment you determine The Roadmap Builder is right for you, our Grow Ensemble team delivers an initial onboarding questionnaire and checklist for you to complete. This gives us a deeper look at your current performance, goals, & objectives.

Kick-Off Call

Our 45-minute call, where we clarify all intake information, ensure the onboarding checklist is completed, and outline expectations for our team’s next 14-21 days of research and analysis.  

Build the Roadmap

After the “Kick-Off Call” has been completed, our team gets started auditing your business’ current performance, reverse engineering your desired goals and objectives, and building our go-forward strategy.

Deliver & Present

14-21 days from the Kick-Off Call we are on a video call to review our findings, deliver all hard assets, answer initial questions, and determine your next actions.

The 30-Day Timeline—from Kick-Off to Delivery 

Kick-Off Call (45 min.)

-Brand & Audience Deep Dive

-Cover Onboarding Essentials

-Logins & Access

Build the Roadmap


-Perform Audit

-Final Analysis

Onboarding Checklist Complete:

-Logins & Access Granted

-Completed Intake

Deliver & Present Roadmap

-Video Call Review + Q&A 

-Hard Assets Delivered (PDFs, Supporting Docs)

-Determine Next Actions

Meet Grow Ensemble & Cory Ames

Grow Ensemble is a media and consulting company that’s mission is to educate, build community, and inspire action to leave the world a more just, equitable, and habitable place for all.

We do this through the content we create at, as well as our Better World Business Growth Programs, where we provide purpose-driven businesses with the support, education, and community to build profitable, sustainable, and high-impact businesses

We also show this commitment through our 1% for the Planet membership, active pursuit of both our Climate Neutral Certification, as well as Certified B Corporation status. 

Cory Ames is the Co-Founder & CEO of Grow Ensemble. With broad expertise in digital marketing, Cory was previously the CEO of a digital marketing agency that served over 100 client accounts. He supervised the strategy and performance for all clients and ran digital marketing experiments on a massive scale.

What Our Clients & Partners Say About Our Work

“After just a few months working with Cory, we were already seeing results. Our client made it to the first page of Google in less than 2 months, and we’ve seen a 34% increase in sales from Google traffic alone.”

Elizabeth Davidson
Global Consultant, LOACOM

“Grow Ensemble has been really instrumental in helping us understand SEO from the ground up. Cory is very hands-on and is willing to answer any question with a lot of detail! He will even take the time to prepare a  training video if need be!


Yoni Medhin
CEO & Co-Founder, Grain4Gran

FIRST-CLASS experience working with Cory and his team in their Digital Marketing Accelerator Program. The course was organized, well-paced, and robust with tips and easy to use resources. We were concerned going in that we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the material but they did a great job with presenting the information in a way that was easily understood and could be quickly applied. My team was able to implement several strategies like completing a self-audit, cleaning our website, and making sure our site was SEO friendly, after Day 1.


Leroy Adams
Founder, BLK GEN

We highly recommend Grow Ensemble’s Digital Accelerator course. Cory takes a rather daunting subject and breaks it into understandable subject matter with action items that will undoubtedly make a difference in your organization’s SEO.


Amber Meegan
Community Curator, The Impact Guild

What’s All Included in The Roadmap Builder Program?

Full Metrics & Analytics Analysis

To understand what sort of growth plan we can build for your better-for-the-world business, our team has to deeply understand where you’ve been. 

In delving deep into your latest metrics and website analytics, we want to see: 

  • Is everything set up and tracking properly? 
  • How is the site’s current performance and what quick opportunities might exist for us to capture more of an audience, more conversions, or more sales, fast? 

This specifically includes: Full Google Analytics & Search Console Assessment.

Complete Technical SEO Website Audit

Your website and its technical performance are the foundation of your online success. It doesn’t matter how nice of a sales page you have or blog post your team wrote, no one can read it if your site can’t load quickly. 

We want to identify all barriers to what would keep any digital campaigns from having the impact that they could. 

This specifically includes: Testing load speed, mobile responsiveness and engagement, brokens pages and links, security issues, and more.

CRO Optimization & Email List Building Plan

Email is the greatest way to build a long-term relationship with anyone who engages with you and your purpose-driven business online. While social media followings can be valuable, you are ultimately victim to what “Big Tech” companies want to do with their platforms (you don’t own your Facebook following, Mark Zuckerbeg does). 

We want to audit the current rate at which you are capturing website visitors as email list subscribers and if you are coming up short, we’ll provide you with a plan to capture more.

Competitor & Market Research

Once your target market and customer are identified, we want to see where those potential advocates of your brand are hanging out online. In doing so, either through taking note of competitors or relevant media and publications in your space, we can reverse engineer how they are getting their own traffic, and getting access to the audience you want.

This also allows us to build a potential list of partners, for you to target and collaborate with in the future.  

Audience & Persona Analysis

We have to deeply understand who it is you want to attract and engage, so that we can determine what their interests, problems, and desires are as it relates to your change-making business and mission. 

Together, we walk through identifying this specific persona, and then our team does the deeper research to build a strategy.

6-Month Keyword Researched Content Strategy

With the delivery of your personalized Roadmap, our team will provide 6+ months of potential content ideas, that have been researched and validated to be of interest to your target audience online. 

This will take the guesswork out of what content you’ll create.

Step-By-Step Plan with Sequencing & Support

With all the research and analysis completed, our team specifically arranges how the potential go-forward strategy should be executed in phases. We’ll have done the prioritization for you, based on what we think we’ll drive the greatest results in building your audience, impact, and sales, the fastest. 

As well, our team offers 12-months of email support on any Roadmap Builder Program purchased.

*Bonus* You Can Get access to our Traffic + Impact Accelerator with the Roadmap Builder Plus

As you’ll see below, with the choice of our Roadmap Builder Plus program we’ll also give you complete access to our Traffic + Impact Accelerator program. 

This is our cornerstone training program that includes 6-course modules covering our entire Grow Ensemble Framework, with video training, over-the-shoulder tutorials, checklists and documents. 

With these trainings, you and your team will not only have the strategy, but you’ll have the resources to be able to execute on the Roadmap we build with you yourselves (if you so choose).

Ready to Scale Your Impact? Here’s How to Get Started:

1. Review the Roadmap Builder program & investment options below. 

2. When you determine which option is the best for you, book a “Traffic + Impact Strategy Session” with our team. 

3. On that call, we can clarify any questions you have about the program, your goals, objectives, and current situation, and determine if it’s a good mutual fit for us to proceed.

4. If so, our team will process the initial investment (depending on the option), send over your intake & onboarding information, and schedule our “kick-off call” in the next 7-10 days to give you and your team time to spend with the questions.

The Roadmap Builder


-Full Technical SEO Website Audit

-Metrics & Analytics Analysis

-CRO & Email List Building Plan

-Competitor & Market Research

-Audience & Persona Analysis

-Build 6 Month Content Strategy

-Step-by-Step Plan with Sequencing

-Unlimited 12-Months Email Support

-Q&A Video Call to Delivery the Plan & Supporting Documents (PDFs, Spreadsheets, Etc.)

The Roadmap Builder plus


Everything that’s included in The Roadmap Builder


Full Access to our Grow Ensemble Traffic + Impact Accelerator Training Program that includes:

-6 Easy to Follow Modules

-In-Depth Video Trainings

-Checklists & Tutorials

-3 Q&A Coaching Calls

FAQS: Have Questions? Here’s Answers!

Who is the Roadmap Builder Program for?

The Roadmap Builder Program is for purpose-driven businesses and social entrepreneurs who want to get a true analysis of their current marketing performance online, as well as want to take the guesswork out of building their growth strategy moving forward.

Why do you only work with “Purpose-Driven Businesses?”

At Grow Ensemble, we do not believe that all business is good business. 

But, some businesses and business people truly are good, and they use their business success to multiply the good they can do in the world (think: Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, TOMs, etc.). 

Marketing and business strategy are potent skills and we’ve committed to use our skills to exclusively support companies and missions that we can get behind. 

This can look like: Certified B Corporations, 1% for the Planet members, Certified Climate Neutral Companies, Fair Trade Certified, etc.

What exactly do I get from the Roadmap Builder Program?

With the Roadmap Builder Program you’ll get a complete in-depth audit on the current performance of your business online and the next 12-months growth strategy. 

 This will be given to you in the form of a multi-page PDF, with links to supporting documents and spreadsheets used for research, at the time of our final Q&A + Delivery call, where we walk through all our findings over a video conference.

How much does the Roadmap Builder cost?

The Roadmap Builder is $2250. The Roadmap Builder Plus Program is $2750, which includes our Traffic + Impact Accelerator Training Program. 

One of the greatest things though—if you invest in our Roadmap Builder program and decide to as well engage Grow Ensemble for one of our more advanced programs (like our Jumpstart, or completely done for you marketing service), we credit your initial investment towards any more advanced engagement.

What happens after The Roadmap Builder?

Great question! The Roadmap Builder Program concludes with the delivery and presentation of your Roadmap and all hard assets (PDFs, supporting documents, etc.) via a Zoom call. 

After delivering your Roadmap, you’ll always have one of three options: 

1—Take the plan and run with it yourself! (This works great for businesses who already have marketing staff in-house) 

2—Take the plan to another agency or contract (If you really want, you can do this as well. No problem on our end. We are happy to help however we can, sometimes people have local relationships that want to keep, which doesn’t always jam with our remote team). 

3—Use the Roadmap as a reference and work with us further. 

Of course with each Roadmap Builder program, we’ll provide you with options in case you want to partner with Grow Ensemble further on completing the plan. This can include training and consultation, complete execution of the plan, or a hybrid between the two. 

A benefit of this, your investment in the Roadmap Builder program credits towards any other more advanced program you pursue with us at Grow Ensemble.

Do you guarantee your work?

100%. If our Grow Ensemble team completes your Roadmap and for whatever reason, you don’t think the findings and analysis were helpful, and the strategy built for you just won’t work. No problem. 

We think that’s unlikely, but in the case that happens, we’ll happily refund you your investment in full.

How do I get started?

Book an initial “Traffic + Impact” call with our team. We can clarify any questions you have, talk next actions, and kick things off.


No problem. You can book a Free Traffic + Impact Strategy Session with our team, and get any clarifying questions answered. Or, send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.