Grow Ensemble Community Update: September 2020

Building a Community Around Better Living & Better Business

by | Oct 13, 2020

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Hey there, welcome to our second Grow Ensemble Community Update.

If you missed the first and you are curious how these work, feel free to check out my update from August.

I hope everyone enjoyed the month of September. Summer, along with Quarter 3, has officially come to a close while tensions are continuing to grow as the U.S. elections near. 

Time is both flying by and inching along at the same time. All external distractions and things considered, I’m excited to once again share an inside look at what we are working on here at Grow Ensemble. 

But before I do, once again a reminder that our primary goals are to:

  1. Learn (and apply) everything we can as it relates to leaving the world a better place than we found it. 
  2. Share everything we learn to bring more people into the community of more sustainable living, work, and business.

Our number one method to attract and engage this community is through our content (blogs, podcasts, videos). Let’s see how September looked.

The Social Good Community Growth: Numbers & Milestones

✏️ & the ‘Social Good Blog

traffic-graphSeptember was a big month for the growth of our ‘Social Good’ Blog as we saw 45,049 total pageviews. That made for a major 58% increase in traffic to the site from August. 

SEO & Content Marketing can be interesting in this way. SEO work we do in one month can all hit a month or two later. If you’ve been following along from August, we did some serious content and website organization work. 

It seems like Google responded to that work we put in and rewarded us quite nicely. 😎

We’ve also launched into a steady flow of optimizing older content, which I’ll share more on in a later update (thanks to our Content Manager, Alma!). 

Re-Started Blog Production! 

After taking a month-long hiatus from regular blog production, we turned the engine back on and had some excellent pieces published. 

In case you missed them, we now have your eco-friendly dog bed choices covered, a comprehensive overview on what is a Certified B Corporation, and as well, a very tactical and informative guide to saving energy at home

Thanks to all our contributors this month! — Sam Shonfield, Ken Briggs, & Melissa Zepeda!

🎧 The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast


Growing the podcast listenership has been a fickle project. This month was one of those months with listens falling near even to August (1% lower actually). 

We increased the podcast production to twice weekly starting back in April. This has really helped the growth of the show. We are more present with subscribers and as well it’s given us more content to share! 

However, with doubling the show we’ve doubled the production work (duh). And with that, we believe we’ve put less time into each individual episode. With a big theme for us being diving deeper into what’s work for us already (creating content), bringing up the quality of the podcast is a high priority for us. 

More to come on that in future updates… 


For the first time this last month, we ran a show ‘re-run!’ We chose to run one of our most popular episodes of all-time where we talked about responsible tourism with Adrianne Chandra-Huff from Bodhi Surf + Yoga. 

This turned out to be really successful as it increased the total number of listens to Adrianne’s episode by 40%, and moved her into the top spot of all-time most popular shows. 

We’re planning to do this more as podcasting is a medium rather subject to recency. Others, like blogging or YouTube videos, have a bit more longevity to them. The discoverability of those mediums is much different.

However, with podcasting, it’s very difficult to sustain the ongoing discovery and listen to older content. Sadly, this makes great episodes get buried away! 

With some good suggestions from our podcaster network, we plan on finding other creative ways to bring back more of our older podcast episode library.

💌 The Better World Weekly Newsletter

newsletter-growth ConvertKit is our Email provider of choice. Sign up here to get 1,000 subscribers for free.

In September, we passed a significant milestone with the Better World Weekly Newsletter — 1,000! We are really thrilled with that. 

Although, we would like to see a much higher conversion rate from traffic to email list subscribers overall. 

In September, we converted only .7% of total site users into email list subscribers. 😬 We’d really like to see that number hit the 3%-5% range with time and focus. 

We have a strategy in place to address this for Q4, more on that later.

Better World Business Growth—New Workshop & Training Library!


Better World Blogging — From Annie B.! 

This last month, Annie, who has successfully managed our Social Good Blog to over 45,000+ page views over the last 11 months prepared a workshop on better blogging for better-for-the-world businesses and organizations. 

We had 29 sign-ups, either for the live workshop or replay—folks who themselves are interested in how we at Grow Ensemble use our blog to build our community online and how they can to. 

In case you missed it, don’t worry! We are hard at work getting the workshop clipped up and edited to be a standalone course in our Better World Business Growth Training Library. 

Speaking of… 

Better World Business Growth Training Library is Up!

With the conclusion of our first workshop in August (where I talked SEO), we went through the work of cleaning up that presentation and editing it into bite-sized course modules with easy to follow supplementary guides and bonuses.

BWBG SEO workshop screenshot

You’ll see our first workshop on SEO now available in the training library!

We plan to take the majority of the workshops we host each month and turn them into these mini-courses that are easily accessible through 1-time purchase. 

You can find the first workshop and others to come at the Better World Business Growth Training Library!

This Month: Grow Ensemble Cause Campaigns & Partnerships

Back in August, we mentioned the launch of our Grow Ensemble Cause Campaigns. We are super happy to announce that we already joined forces with a couple of our friends in the world of better business to host a couple campaigns. 

First, as you’ll see below in what’s on for October, we’ll be hosting a campaign in partnership with Plaine Products—a truly socially and environmentally responsible company, to talk about reducing our everyday waste and plastic use in the bathroom. 

*CEO of Plaine Products, Lindsey McCoy, joined me on the podcast a while back to talk about reducing our plastic use to keep it out of our landfills and waterways. 

Second, in November, we’ll be running a campaign with our friends at A Good Company—where we’ll be diving deep into the topic of conscious consumption and voting with your dollar.  

*Anders Ankarlid, CEO of A Good Company, joined me on the podcast from his balcony in Sweden to talk about curbing mindless consumption in E-commerce.

Grow Ensemble HQ 🏡

Ahhh…on to the item that maybe took most of Annie and I’s time (and mental bandwidth) in August…securing our first home and Grow Ensemble’s new office space. 

A little odd to “secure an office space” during COVID-19, right? Certainly.

However, maybe a little bit different than most, we’ve been working remotely from home and coffee shops since day 1. Heck, I’ve been working remotely my entire career! 

That meant a lot of unpredictable wifi, a lot of work from kitchen tables and couches, and a never-ending challenge of separating the workday from…well…everything else.

grow ensemble new HQSo, as we looked for a new house we wanted to find a property with some versatility to finally take the work out of the home and take ourselves a little more seriously (but not too seriously).

We are really thrilled to start this new chapter and create a bit of a semi-remote work style for ourselves and our extended team. 

As far as office spaces are concerned, the overhead is low and the space is really flexible for other things we want to do with it (host events, short-term rental, etc.). We’ll be getting it cleaned up, the podcast recording booth setup, and Fiber internet rockin! Woo!

Up Next in…October 🎃 

We’re in Quarter 4, doing some planning as we hit the holiday season and the end of the year. For us at Grow Ensemble, we want to continue to focus on sharpening the processes that have spurred our growth so that we can start off 2021 with a bang. 🧨

A few things coming up in October that we are most excited about: 

Running our First Cause Campaign!—As mentioned above, we’re thrilled to have partnered up with Certified B Corporation and 1% for the Planet Member, Plaine Products, to publish a series on going Zero Waste & Plastic-Free in the Bathroom. Stay tuned! 

Next Better World Business Growth Workshop—This month’s workshop will cover consistently producing an Email Newsletter. We are hitting 52 consecutive weeks of the Better World Weekly!

*We’ll also have our last workshop, on Blogging, up in our new training library available for purchase. 

Securing More Cause Partners—We plan to secure more partners in the better-world space for content campaigns that will enable and empower individuals to make more everyday change in their lives. 

From refugee resettlement, to ethical banking, and everything in between, we want to cover, share, and inspire action around all that it entails to leave the world a more just, equitable, and habitable place for all of us. Not just some of us. 

If your business or organization might want to partner with us on a cause campaign or another creative collaboration, reach out to us here

More Changemakin’ Podcast Guests—Of course, the guests we’ll be featuring on the podcast for October continue to humble me…so many inspiring and generous agents of change. 

Scheduled to air in October… 

  • Meghan French-Dunbar, talking “Conscious Business” (already live!)
  • Elizabeth Whitlow, from the Regenerative Organic Alliance
  • Leon Kaye from Triple Pundit
  • Charity Ryerson, from Corporate Accountability Lab
  • Shamini Dhana, from Dhana Inc. 
  • Sian Conway from Ethical Hour

End Note

Thanks for reading this Grow Ensemble community update! I hope you enjoyed it and have a great month to come. 



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