#59 – Company Culture Design: A Holistic Look at Defining Values and Purpose for Better Business 

with Lorie Corcuera, Co-Founder & CEO of SPARK Creations Inc.

59- Lorie Corcuera

Nine years ago, Lorie co-founded SPARK Creations Inc. after going through a brutal divorce where she struggled to hold on to her identity and sense of self. After revitalizing herself, and defining her own individual values and purpose, she knew she wanted to help others do the same. While she and fellow co-founder Aileen De La Torre started with women’s retreats, their impact grew to a point where they brought their discovery process to organizations to help establish a more sustainable culture that leaves employees feeling more engaged — not just in the workplace, but in the rest of their lives as well. 

Lorie is insistent about the concept of life-long learning. She insists against using the word “expert” because while she always wants to share what she has learned, she knows that she is still learning and evolving. This type of open-minded thinking is a major component of why she is so effective at this line of work, and how SPARK has been able to reach almost a decade of impactful work.

What does an ideal company culture look like? What are the limiting factors that prevent organizations from getting to that point? How can leaders begin to reflect on their own personal values and belief system more deeply? These are the main questions that drive the thoughtful conversation within this episode.

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What you create in the beginning is not what you end up with. So stay open to what life provides you. As long as you’re still aligning with your values and purpose, it doesn’t matter what and how you do it. It’s your why and who you are that’s always going to be consistent.-Lorie Corcuera

SPARK-creations-teamCEO Lorie with the SPARK Creations Inc. team

Topics Discussed: 

  • Lorie’s journey and how it led to the founding of SPARK Creations Inc.
  • The four stages of culture development (especially the first stage) that Lorie and SPARK use to help their clients
  • How leaders can begin to take a deeper look into their culture today
  • How Lorie and SPARK have become an embodiment of what sustained success can look like

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