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Complete SEO Audit & Custom Digital Marketing Strategy Build

See how the Grow Ensemble Traffic & Community Building Framework applies to your business and get a custom-tailored step by step strategy grow your traffic, spread your message, and build an audience of advocates for your brand.

Let Us Give You The World Changing Strategy to Support Your World Changin’ Plans

Do away with all the guess work and get the exact step by step plan to setup and execute on our Grow Ensemble Traffic & Community Building Framework for yourself. 

With our audit and strategy build we determine for you a 12 month plan so you don’t waste time and effort pursuing tactics that won’t return for your business for years to come. This full audit and custom plan is the first step to capturing more traffic for your website and growing your list of email subscribers. 

We need to identify what’s wrong, what’s going right and what low hanging fruit opportunity we have available. With an onboarding process to better understand your business, your vision and your goals, our team builds the end to end online marketing strategy to get you where you want to go. 

We’ve already seen a lift in our site’s organic performance

Very happy with the work Cory and Grow Ensemble put together for us. Incredibly knowledgeable and professional without all the BS of a huge agency. We’ve already seen a lift in our site’s organic performance.

Harrison Richards, CEO of Furls Crochet

Our Complete SEO Audit & Custom Strategy Build

See how our Grow Ensemble Framework will apply to your business

#1. Complete Technical SEO Audit

The harder your site is to use, the harder it is for Google to read it and searchers to find you. 

Ensure your site’s foundation is set up for traffic success. Know if there’s anything broken that would prevent your content from having the impact (and driving the traffic) that it could. This could be an issue with load speed, broken pages, or a number of other potential issues. 

Our full list of technical audit elements includes:  Title Tag Check, BackLink Analysis, Sitemap Review, Site Structure Analysis, Traffic Opportunity Analysis, Meta Description Analysis, Keyword Targeting, HTTP/HTTPS Issues, Internal Linking Analysis, Link Opportunity Analysis, Site Security, Page Load Speed, External Link Check, SEO Plugin Check, Mobile-friendly Test and more…


#2. Existing SEO Content Audit (Low Hanging Fruit Check)

See where quick traffic opportunities are and what pages need to be cleaned up. 

See if you can get more organic traffic, fast. There might be pages and posts that you’ve created in the past that are right on the cusp of getting more traffic from Google. We will identify those for you, and give you the plans on how to get those into those traffic driving positions, as soon as possible. In this audit we will identify both the top 20% of pages you have that could be optimized for capturing more traffic and the bottom 20% of pages that should be considered being removed or at the least improved as to not bring down the performance of the site.

#3. Competitor & Similar Site Analysis

Where are your competitors getting traffic? 

In our onboarding process, we determine with you, 3-5 websites, industry relevant publications, or site’s that could be serving an audience similar to yours, so we can reverse engineer where these sites are getting their traffic from (what keywords), and how we stack up with authority and current traffic volume. Learn how much traffic your competitors are getting and how difficult it will be to compete with them.

#4. Metrics & Analytics Analysis

How are we currently performing? What goals should we set? 

Our team will assess your analytics, Google Analytics and Search Console to see: 1) Is everything setup and tracking properly? 2) How are you currently performing from a traffic and conversions standpoint and if there might be any opportunities for us to take advantage of for better site performance. You’ll understand how your site is currently performing, where you might be coming up short, and what that means for what actions you or we can take to help you get more out of your website.

#5. Email List Building Strategies & Plan

Get a plan to turn new website visitors into an engaged audience.

One of the key components of making the most out of your future growth in organic traffic is to invite those search visitors to join your email list. This will also be one of the means to get more traction for your business early, as we wait for the content marketing and SEO plan to bear it’s fruits.

Things we’ll look at and ultimately recommend: 

  • What’s your current list size and how has growth been?
  • What are some ways to capture more emails from the traffic and assets you have?
  • What are longer term ways you can get more subscribers consistently?

#6. Keyword Research & 12 Month Content Plan

Take the guesswork out of creating new pages, posts and blogs. 

Working with you in on-boarding, we determine the high-level topics that you want your business to develop as an authority on. 4 From those high-level topics, we come up with hundreds of potential keywords which you can then produce content for. Based on future content production efforts (we suggest 2-4 SEO researched posts per month), we provide you with at least a year’s worth of keywords for content ideas. Understand the potential search volume available for you, how difficult these terms will be to target and which terms you should target first. Take the guesswork out of creating content!

#7. Custom Step by Step Sequencing (with Unlimited Support)

A plan (and the support) to have you succeed. 

We will give you your plan with the progression and sequencing built into it. We will make sure you know which milestones and objectives you need to tackle first to get where you want to go. Not to mention, we provide unlimited support on your plan for the next 12 months. If you have specific questions over time, let us know! We will do everything we can to help to keep you moving.

Ready to get started?

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Who is Grow Ensemble?

Cory Ames

Cory Ames

Founder & CEO

Cory is from Spokane, WA in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but now resides in San Antonio, TX. He lives with his wonderful girlfriend, who attends law school at St. Mary’s University, and their dog, Milou, who routinely chews up their house plant collection and pretends like nothing happened…

Cory has been in digital marketing since he began his professional career. He started building websites in college using and learning SEO to drive traffic to them. Cory learned digital marketing more formally through the company in which he eventually became CEO. There he oversaw the company’s near 100 client accounts, where he developed and managed SEO strategies and tested out other new digital marketing tactics. Cory’s an SEO nerd, loves taking all the latest courses, staying up to date on the best blogs and experimenting with sites of his own.


Have questions? Look here at our FAQ or Book a Call with Cory, below. You can also send an email to cory {at}


We look forward to hearing from you! 


What happens on the Discovery Call?

During the discovery call we ask all the questions we need to, to learn more about your business and ensure

What happens after the Audit & Strategy Build?

After the Audit & Strategy build, most businesses choose from three options – 1) take the plan and do it themselves. 2) Hire us to execute on the plan for them, or 3) a Hybrid have us work with them on the plan together. 

What's the Grow Ensemble Framework?

The Grow Ensemble Framework is our tried and true end to end digital marketing system. It incorporates three online & offline marketing channels together (SEO, Email Marketing and Strategic Partnerships) to drive website traffic and build your email list. 

You can learn more about it here

Do you guarantee your work?

Pshhh absolutely! We won’t consider our engagement closed until you feel satisfied with the plan you received. We want you to have a plan that you are confident in executing and getting success with. 

How do I get started?

If you are ready to get started right away, book your Discovery Call, you can let us know via email if you are ready from the get go, and we can send your invoice. 

We still need the discovery call to obtain the proper onboarding information.

Who will I be working with?

The Founder & CEO himself, Cory Ames. You can learn more about Cory here.