The Grow Ensemble Traffic + Impact Accelerator:

Expand the Impact of your purpose-driven business by building an audience around your brand and mission online with our proven 4 step framework. 

You started your business because you wanted to make positive change in the world…

You started your business or organization because you wanted to make positive change in the world. Whether it’s the way you run your business, or the innovative product or service you’ve created, you are making an impact

Here at Grow Ensemble, we want to help you maximize that impact.  

If we can get more people to find your business or organization (online or offline), the more people you will have to support you, by buying your products or services, or making contributions and donations.  

The more sales you make, the more donations you have, the greater good you can do. 

But again, this all starts with getting people to find you in the first place. 

And, if you enroll in the Grow Ensemble Accelerator, over the next 6 weeks, you will begin to implement our 4 key components to building an audience and community around your brand and mission online, creating greater opportunities for potential advocates of your brand or organization to support you and your mission.

Our Proven 4 Step System to Building an Audience of Advocates Online

Here are our 5 modules (6 plus module 0) we’ll work through during our Grow Ensemble Accelerator

Module 0: Principles — Being Effective in the World of Digital Marketing

There are 1001 ways to market your business or organization online. We want to break through all that noise and share with you guiding principles to marketing your purpose-driven business in a way that will be as relevant today as it will be years from now. 


Module 1: Turning Your Mission into a Content Marketing Strategy

We’ll walk you through, step-by-step, our process of building a content marketing strategy that will engage an audience, bring eyes back to your website, and inspire people to action. 

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In this module we cover:

  • Target Audience & Persona Analysis
  • Online Market Research
  • Keyword Research (SEO)
  • Content Planning

Module 2: Production — Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Build Traffic Assets

Creating content (blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.) that actually engages an audience is difficult and it takes time. That’s why we want to ensure that when we create a new piece, we have confidence that it will be a traffic asset that brings eyes back to our mission and website month after month after month.

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In this module we cover: 

  • Building a Writing Team (if necessary)
  • Outlining & Research Content that will Rank in Google
  • Project Managing a Content Team 


Module 3: Publishing Search Engine Friendly Content

We’ll walk you through the fundamentals to publishing your content so that it’s both easy for Google to read (thus improving your chances of ranking), and easy and enjoyable for users to engage with. 

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In this module we cover:

  • Publishing “Google Friendly” Content (Onpage SEO)

Module 4: Content Distribution, Promotion & Repurposing

Remember where we talked about being effective? It’s hard work to create a piece of content that will truly engage an audience. That’s why we want to ensure we are working as hard to get eyes on our content as we worked to produce it in the first place. 

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In this module we cover: 

  • Distributing & Promoting Content via:
    • “Owned” Distribution Channels
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Paid Advertising
    • And more tactics added all the time! 
  • Repurposing Content 

Module 5: Getting Better with Time — Review & Analysis

After we’ve covered our core 4 step system, we dive into how we can improve this system with time. A good strategy becomes a great one if we cyclically reflect and analyze what pieces of content performed above average and which ones differ. Here we teach you how to double down on what works, and do away with, or improve what doesn’t.

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In this module we cover:

  • Metrics & Review in Google Analytics
  • Review & Tracking in SEO Tools (Paid & Free)

Bonus Module: Your Foundation — Optimizing the Technical Health of Your Website

The technical health of your website really is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. If you site loads slow, or can’t be engaged with on mobile, then it doesn’t matter how beautiful a mission you have, or exceptional a blog post you created, less people will engage. In this module we’ll share with you the essentials of optimization your website for Technical SEO.

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In this module we cover: 

  • Key Points of Technical Health for your Website
  • Technical SEO Auditing

What’s All Included in the Accelerator?

  • 6 Course Modules — these cover our entire Grow Ensemble Traffic Framework
      • Plus! A bonus module — “Optimizing the Technical Health of Your Website”
      • These modules are dripped to you weekly for 6 weeks! 
  • Video Trainings
      • Concept & Principle Videos
      • Over the Shoulder Video Tutorials
      • FAQ Videos
  • Complete Checklists & Worksheets — for full implementation of our process we have checklists and worksheets you can reference back to, or hand off to team members. 
  • 3 Q&A Coaching Calls (Kick-Off, Half-Point, and Closing) 
  • Unlimited Email Support You have questions or need a new training? Just send us a note throughout the program. 

How Effective is the Accelerator?

Here’s what others have said about our Accelerator program…

“Grow Ensemble has been really instrumental in helping us understand SEO from the ground up. Cory is very hands-on and is willing to answer any question with a lot of detail!”


Yoni Medhin
CEO & Co-Founder, Grain4Gran

“FIRST-CLASS experience working with Cory and his [Grow Ensemble] team…”


Leroy Adams
Founder, BLK GEN

“Cory takes a rather daunting subject and breaks it into understandable subject matter with action items that will undoubtedly make a difference in your organization’s SEO.”


Amber Meegan
Community Curator, The Impact Guild

Have Questions? No problem! Here’s Answers.

How am I accessing the trainings?

When you enroll in the Accelerator you’ll be given a set of logins to our Grow Ensemble platform on Teachable. There, you’ll be able to find everything — video trainings, checklists, additional resources, your support line, etc. 

How long does it take to complete each module?

You should be prepared to budget at least 3-5 hours per week to complete the trainings and the homework assignments attached to them. 

Does this program cover SEO, Social Media, [insert digital marketing tactic]?

In this program we cover a lot — SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization…but! It’s not so important which tactics we are covering, but rather the information we are sharing with you is a comprehensive system.  We blend a variety of digital marketing tactics and specialties into building our Traffic Framework and that’s what we share with you.

Do you offer any guarantee? What if the program doesn’t work for me?

If you complete the program, implement what we recommend, and if you don’t love it and it doesn’t work for you, just let me know within 90 days and we’ll give you a 100% refund. But, you have to give everything a shot! 

Ready to Build an Audience of Advocates Around Your Brand & Mission?

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