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bark media jessica kellner

Welcome back to the Grow Ensemble Podcast. In today’s episode we speak with Jessica Kellner, one of the four co-founders of BARK Media, a B corporation located in Lawrence, Kansas. The BARK Media folks help impact driven brands craft their content strategies to help share their unique mission.

Jessica shares a list of valuable insights in today’s episode. At the highest level, she’s going to talk about marketing not just being a means of turning some specific metrics that you want to see, but rather an opportunity, almost an obligation to build a relationship with a community around your brand and company.

She talks about fundamentals that you’re going to need to hit to execute on an effective communication and marketing plan and as well, she’s going to talk about the importance of collaborating with other folks in your space and industry, and also in the social enterprise sphere.

So stay tuned for an incredible conversation and episode with Jessica Kellner of BARK Media.

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Show Topics:

  • The unique features that put Lawrence, Kansas on the map.
  • How Jessica first got interested in the house and home industry.
  • Jessica’s experience with the green living community and sustainable lifestyles.
  • What makes Jessica and her co founders perfectly suited for running BARK Media.
  • The valuable marketing perspective of BARK Media; authentic storytelling.
  • The first step to marketing your business and telling your brand story.
  • Understanding the impact of targeting specific subsets of your audience.
  • Why content marketing platforms are tailored to the audience.
  • Building customer relationships one step at a time.
  • Importance of being involved in the right communities for your business.
  • Challenges of handling infrastructure changes of a growing company.
  • Lessons learned from growing a business; value of a slow growth model.
  • Benefits of collaboration with companies in your industry.
  • The biggest challenge that BARK Media faces the daily.
  • What the team at BARK Media does to keep mentally and emotionally healthy.
  • BARK Media’s process for making strategic business decisions.
  • And much more!


“You can’t identify where to contact someone, where to connect with someone if you don’t really know who they are.” — Jessica Kellner [0:14:39.7]

“Not every person that you interact with is going to end up being your strongest advocate. But the more people that you can interact with, the more really strong advocates you’re going to end up with.” — Jessica Kellner [0:17:32.7]

“To build this really engaged community, it takes time and there’s no way around that.” — Jessica Kellner [0:26:06.7]

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