#04 – Using Authentic Storytelling to Build a Community Around Your Brand

with Jessica Kellner, Co-Founder of BARK Media



Jessica Kellner is one of the four co-founders of BARK Media, a B corporation located in Lawrence, Kansas. With more than 40 years of combined experience, Jessica and the other members of the Bark Media team specialize in helping beneficial brands thrive by authentically connecting with their audience.

Bark Media sees marketing as more than just a means of favorable metrics. It views it as an opportunity, almost an obligation, to build a relationship with a community around your brand and company. 

In this episode, Jessica shares a list of valuable insights with us. She talks about Bark Media’s unique marketing approach, the importance of collaborating with others in your space and industry, key lessons she has learned while growing a business, and practices she finds essential to elevate a brand’s impact and create sustainable success.

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bark-media-teamCo-Founder Jessica Kellner (Middle) with the BARK Media Team

Not every person that you interact with is going to end up being your strongest advocate. But the more people that you can interact with, the more really strong advocates you’re going to end up with.” — Jessica Kellner

Topics Discussed: 

  • Why authentic storytelling is a valuable marketing tool.
  • Jessica’s experience with the green living community and sustainable lifestyles.
  • What makes Jessica and her co founders perfectly suited for running BARK Media.
  • Jessica’s background in the house and home industry.
  • The first step to marketing your business and telling your brand story.
  • Lessons learned from growing a business; value of a slow growth model.


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