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Our guest today, Adrianne Chandra-Huff is from Bodhi Surf & Yoga, an environmentally and socially conscious B Corporation based in Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica.

While Adrianne considers herself something of an “unlikely entrepreneur,” her and her partners seem to have a lot in the hospitality and ecotourism space figured out. She shares much of that knowledge with us in our conversation here.

In our chat, Adrianne tells a bit of the origin story behind Bodhi Surf + Yoga and how her and her partners’ appetite for social and environmental justice has molded their business to become what it is today.

We also dive deep into the guests’ experience and how the team at Bodhi has taken initiative to “extend the guest relationship” far beyond their stay.

Adrianne surfs, she cooks, she writes and blogs for Bodhi, all the while deeply minding the experience of her guests and Bodhi’s impact on the environment.

Check out our conversation for three key takeaways:

  • How to leverage the unique opportunity available to the tourism and hospitality industry in extending a guest’s experience.
  • How to not just meet but exceed the expectations of your clients and customers (this is how Bodhi Surf + Yoga has accumulated 300+ Five-Star Reviews on Trip Advisor ).
  • How to make an impact and GIVE BACK with your business from day one (like the folks at Bodhi did!).

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Show Topics:

  • Some background to the work Adrianne does at the lodge.
  • How Bodhi became a functioning and official business.
  • The ongoing exercise of ensuring the community impact of a business.
  • Adrianne’s hopes for her guests and their experience.
  • The evolving tribe and the intern program at Bodhi Surf & Yoga.
  • Bodhi’s Facebook Group and the sharing of information on this platform.
  • Availability and managing the flow of guests at the facility.
  • Customer experience and how guests typically find information on the lodge.
  • Creating sustainable and stable growth through realistic choices.
  • The team at the lodge and the requirements for getting hired.
  • Bodhi’s Traveller’s Philanthropy Program.
  • The steps the company is taking to reduce negative environmental effects of tourism.
  • Formalizing the schedule and organizing the guests’ experience.
  • Balancing the fun activities and services that are offered.

And much more!

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