Conscious Consumerism

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a-good-products-CCcampaignEntire countries are built around consumerism. Consumerism has the power to drive markets, affect change in our societies, and greatly impact the earth and its inhabitants.

A Good Company believes that we can harness the power of consumerism to change the tides of our current economic systems that too heavily rely on the exploitation of workers, the pollution of our environments, and the endless release of carbon emissions.

In order to affect the systems that exist, we have to voice what we want every day. That means buying (or not buying) in alignment with our values, prioritizing sustainability and human dignity ahead of convenience and thoughtless materialism, and paying attention to how our purchases affect those priorities at all stages, from raw material to end of life…or should we suggest re-life? 

In other words, the mode to end the madness? Conscious consumerism!

The conscious consumerism movement aims to transform our everyday buying habits into everyday acts of activism in order to drive social change. The good news: ethical and sustainable options exist everywhere. There are amazing companies that are already in alignment with our better-for-the-world vision. 

While conscious consumerism is just one tool in our fight for a more equitable society and healthier planet, A Good Company believes it is one that must be more widely shared and adopted by individuals and companies alike

Campaign Overview:


Conscious Consumerism: What it is, How Can it Affect Change & 10 Ways You Can Be a Conscious Consumer Yourself

Conscious consumerism is one of the best tools we have to build a more equitable world and care for the planet. We’ll cover the benefits and criticisms of the movements and answer:

  • What is conscious consumerism and how did the movement start?
  • How is conscious consumerism affecting the world?
  • How can we become conscious consumers?

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Voting With Your Dollar: Empower Your Everyday Purchases

In this post, we explain what the Vote with Your Dollar movement is all about—from its philosophies to its practices. We learn the implications of voting with your dollar by answering the questions:

  • What does it mean to vote with your dollar?
  • How do we vote with our dollar?
  • What role does voting with your dollar have on big-scale change?

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How to Stop Mindless Consumption in E-Commerce with Anders Ankarlid, CEO of A Good Company

CEO of A Good Company, Anders Ankarlid, joins us in a two-part series to discuss the importance of conscious consumerism and how his company is working to turn the tides on destructive consumerism. We cover:

  • How can consumers and companies advocate for and practice conscious consumerism?
  • What are some practices to adopt to help us become a more conscious consumer?
  • How is A Good Company working to change corporate expectations and social responsibility?

Click here to listen to the podcast episodes: A Good Company with Anders Ankarlid.

6 Alternatives to Amazon: A Guide to Ethical Online Marketplaces

We make it easier for consumers to say no to toxic consumerism and support companies that are certifiably better for people and the planet through this ethical guide to online shopping. Learn:

  • What are some better-for-the-world alternatives to Amazon?
  • What makes them ethical and better businesses?
  • How can we opt out of Amazon when shopping online?

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An Eco Friendly Phone Case: A Good Company is the Whole Sustainable Package

Because their aim is quality over quantity, design over trendiness, and reuse over waste, A Good Company’s eco-friendly phone cases are a great option for those wanting to elevate their sustainability game.

  • What is the problem with phone cases?
  • What makes a phone case eco-friendly?
  • How does A Good Company’s eco-friendly phone case stand up compared to competitors?

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Instagram Live Event with CEO Anders Ankarlid

  • What is A Good Company’s Green November and how is it working to flip the script on the consumerism season?
  • What are the impacts of conscious consumerism and how does it fit into large-scale social change?
  • How is A Good Company elevating ethical production and corporate social responsibility?

Click here to watch the live event.


Our Partner: A Good Company

The first step to change is letting people know about the cause, and our partners at A Good Company are all about making change in the world of conscious consumption!

A Good Company is on a mission to transform mindless consumption into conscious decisions. They create everyday products that are anything but ordinary, putting in the extra mile for each product and process, to ensure that they are always as responsible as humanly possible. How do we know that sustainability is their top priority? Because they share everything publicly from product ideation to the details of packaging materials.

Check out our friends at A Good Company, or learn about other Grow Ensemble partners here.

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