Biodynamic Wine and Farming

In Partnership with Brooks Wine

brooks-wine-bottle-glassFamily is everything at Brooks. Jimi Brooks founded Brooks Winery with the philosophy that family and land stewardship are requisite parts of the wine-making process. He believed that without family, there could be no tradition, no ideal to be set, and without the land, there could be no quality or future to behold.

Their roots in family are exactly why Brooks prioritizes the health of their beloved vineyard in the Willamette Valley of Oregon—they want to farm in a way that will leave their land—and our Earth—bountiful for generations to come.

Their biodynamic farming practices ensure that every single part of the living ecosystem that is their vineyard flourishes, from the tiniest bee to the vines themselves. In this way, not only are they protecting their land from soil degradation and pollinator decline, they are producing wine that is a true expression of the land from which it comes. 

Their stewardship doesn’t end there—beyond their Biodynamic Certification, they have further embodied their family principles through their Certified B-Corp status and 1% For The Planet membership. 

Through this campaign, we aim to expand the world of wine so that wine-lovers everywhere can learn to go beyond the glass and consider the impact the bottle they’re opening has. Biodynamic principles and natural production re-center wine in tradition, in respect of the craft and the land and people that bore it.

Campaign Overview:


How is Wine Made? The Step-by-Step Behind your Favorite Bottles

Understanding how wine is made is the first step in understanding what constitutes good wine. Learn the step-by-step process of wine-making and what set Brooks’ wine apart.

  • From field to glass, how is wine produced?
  • What is the difference between red and white wine production?
  • Why are farming practices an important aspect of wine production?

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A Complete Guide to Biodynamic Wine: Going Beyond the Glass

In this post, we dive into what makes wine Biodynamic. We discover how Biodynamic farming practices protect the land and enhance the wine-making process.

  • What is Biodynamic farming? What are its main practices?
  • How do Biodynamic practices affect wine production and taste?
  • How does Biodynamic impact the health of the ecosystem?

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The Best Winery in Oregon: A Certified B-Corp Rooted in Family Tradition & Biodynamic Wine [Podcast]

Managing Director, Janie Brooks Hueck, of Brooks Winery, joins us on The Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Podcast to discuss how and why she spearheaded the initiatives to achieve Biodynamic Certification, B-Corp status, and 1% For The Planet Membership.

  • What are the founding principles of Brooks Wine?
  • Why did Janie pursue Brooks’ multiple certifications?
  • What is Biodynamic farming and why it is important?

Click here to listen to the podcast episode and learn why we consider Brooks the best winery in Oregon.

28 Gifts for Wine Lovers: The Essential, Interesting, and Unforgettable

We’ve curated a list of the best gifts for wine-lovers everywhere. Find the perfect gift for your connoisseur!

  • What are some of the best bottles and sets you can give?
  • What are some wine accessories that any wine-lover would appreciate?
  • What are the best wine books and classes for the curious sipper?

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Wine for Beginners: Wine Basics for Those with a Curious Glass

The most important thing to understand about wine is where and how it’s made. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a wandering wine novice, the best conversation to get going about wine should be around the land, the terroir, and the wine-making process. In this post we answer:

  • How is wine made?
  • What is the importance of place and practice in wine production?
  • What are some of the most popular varieties?

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A Live Tasting Event with the MD of Brooks Wine and the Grow Ensemble team

  • How to best taste wine and what should you look out for?
  • What are the tastes and terroir behind Brooks wine?
  • How does the process of production affect the tastes of wine?

Coming soon! Stay tuned for the details of this Live Event!


Our Partner: Brooks Wine

brooks-wine-red-logoBrooks Wine believes making exquisite wine is more than an art, it is an act of stewardship and deep honor for the Earth, its peoples, and the connection between the two.

As a certified Biodynamic vineyard, Brooks works to maintain the delicate balances of nature and tend to all aspects of their vineyard, from the tiniest insect to the grapes themselves. They’ve cultivated a self-sustaining ecosystem with a diverse cast of plant and animal species in lieu of additives and harmful pesticides.

As part of their commitment to nature, they use only natural ingredients and practices throughout their entire winemaking process. As a Certified B Corp, Brooks’ commitment extends to every piece of their business, ensuring the production of their top-rated wines is one that is good for the taste buds, the environment, and the community.

Check out our friends at Brooks Wine, or learn about other Grow Ensemble partners here.

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