#40 – How Values Shape Company Culture and Success

with Claire Booth & Hanson Lok of Lux Insights

40 - Claire Booth & Hanson Lok

Claire Booth and Hanson Lok met working at a corporate company, but both realized the corporate culture was not for them. 10 years ago, when Claire founded Lux Insights, she knew that the first person to bring on board to work alongside her should be Hanson, and the rest is history. Lux went from a team of two working in Claire’s living room to a team of 13 working in two offices in Vancouver and Seattle.

In this episode, Claire and Hanson discuss how Lux has grown over the course of a decade, its core values that drive their evolution, the strength of their company culture, and Claire’s new book, Achiever Fever Cure.

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Our values were decided upon based on who we are as people. When we hire people who align with our values, they align with us, which is what allows us to deepen those relationships. We also find clients who align with those values tend to be the deepest relationships and the long-standing accounts we have been able to hold on to over the years.” – Claire Booth, Founder and CEO, Lux Insights

Claire & Hanson with a few Lux Insights team members for a birthday celebration

Topics Discussed: 

  • The founding and growth of Lux
  • How Lux developed their core values
  • Developing a strong company culture
  • Claire’s new book, Achiever Fever Cure

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