#29 – Transitioning From a Traditional Business to a Social Enterprise

with Bernie Geiss, Founder of Cove Continuity Advisors


After traveling and studying yoga and meditation in the East, Bernie Geiss returned to work in North Vancouver. Transitioning back to Western life, he entered the insurance field, where he eventually founded his own financial services company. But Bernie found himself yearning for a company that truly reflected his values and principles, which led to his company’s transition to becoming an impact-driven business.

Cove Continuity Advisors focuses on honesty and accountability, interacting with clients with complete transparency. They are now B-Corp certified, members of 1% for the Planet, and Bernie has become increasingly involved in First Nation reconcili-action projects and even nationwide legislation on the issue.

In our episode, Bernie shares valuable insight into the experience of a traditional business transitioning into an impact-driven business and what this means for the operations of the company as well as for him personally. He highly recommends reflection and third-party guidance, and gives us his guide on how to go about finding the right advisor for your company. 

I think what’s important to understand is that nobody should use an outside person as the judge of their actions if they are along the lines of trying to become a better company. Because you can always find fault with somebody else. But don’t listen. Always just listen to yourself. Do what you think is important; do what you think is necessary.” –Bernie Geiss

Cove-continuity-Business-Excellence-Award-WinnerCove Continuity Team after winning the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award in 2018

Topics Discussed:

  • Bernie’s global experiences with traveling and yoga
  • The evolution of Cove Continuity Advisors
  • The importance of internal reflection for both yourself and your team to keep things on target
  • The benefits of receiving outside consulting

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