#48 – Crafting a Purpose-Driven

Content Strategy

with Giselle Waters, Associate Director of Content Strategy and Social Impact at Madfish

48 - Giselle Waters

Giselle Waters is the Associate Director of Content Strategy and Social Impact at Mad Fish Digital, a purpose-driven digital marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. Giselle was responsible for Mad Fish becoming a certified B-Corp in 2018. She’s implemented a pro bono program that serves under-served communities with premium marketing services. Giselle spoke at the B-Corp Champions Retreat on how to grow and market a purpose-driven business, which is how she and Cory connected.

Growing up in San Francisco where she was homeschooled, Giselle developed a strong interest in nonprofits, particularly after she spent her college years at UC Berkeley during the Occupy Wall Street movement. She thought she would end up working at a nonprofit theatre company, but she soon discovered a love for marketing, especially for purpose-driven businesses who were concerned about their social impact. When she was moving back to Portland from New York, she learned about Mad Fish. Developing a deep respect for their code of ethics, she opted to join their team, where her role has expanded in the past few years to include social impact as a key aspect of her position.

In today’s episode, we discuss how and why Giselle joined the Mad Fish team, her initiative to champion the B-Corp certification, and a step-by-step process to craft a fantastic content strategy for a purpose-driven business.

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I need to feel like what I do has meaning and impact beyond myself” –Giselle Waters

Giselle Waters Mad FishGiselle at the office with Mad Fish’s Client Strategist,  Andree Valentine

Topics Discussed: 

  • How Giselle joined Mad Fish and why
  • Her initiative to champion the B-Corp certification
  • Some tips on achieving that certification
  • Content strategy for purpose-driven businesses

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