#17– How to Build a Community Around Ethical Shopping & Fair Trade Goods 

with Liza Moiseeva, Co-Founder & CMO of GlobeIn

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Liza Moiseeva is the Co-founder and CMO of GlobeIn, a fair trade subscription box and ethical online marketplace showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of artisans around the world. 

With GlobeIn, Liza has managed to create tremendous impact through building a deeply connected community around the brand. From model to marketing, her business works to give opportunity to artisan groups globally and build deep connections with mindful digital consumers who truly appreciate their work. GlobeIn strives to empower and support these artists, some of whose art forms are rapidly vanishing, providing a path for them to not only preserve their art, but also to thrive, find success, and take care of themselves, their families, and their communities.

As a talented entrepreneur with a history in the nonprofit and social good sector, Liza attributes much of her success to the power of the type of community building she has worked hard to infuse into GlobeIn. From running meetups with like-minded people to interactive Facebook Lives, a strong community has always been at the heart of Liza’s achievements.

In this episode, we get to hear about GlobeIn’s origin story, Liza’s journey in the social good space, and her invigorating perspective on community and growth through the context of GlobeIn. Liza also dives in and breaks down the fundamentals she believes has been key to GlobeIn’s success, having managed to navigate a competitive industry while still promoting sustainable consumption, build a network of passionate and engaged customers and create powerful, lasting change for artisan groups all around the world.

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Co-Founder Liza with some of GlobeIn’s talented artisans at work

Topics Discussed: 

  • GlobeIn’s origin story and the kinds of products they sell as well as their business model.
  • How Liza’s experience working with nonprofits led her to believe that charities might not always be the most sustainable way of solving social problems.
  • How community is the key to a truly impactful and successful social good platform
  • A reflection on Muhammad Yunus, better known as the father of microfinance, and the philosophy that businesses both can and should make money and solve social problems.
  • We hear about Liza’s time as a collegiate swimmer in the US, her aspirations to become an Olympic athlete, and how her time as a competitive athlete has shaped her thinking as a business owner.
  • Details on a recent initiative, the Artisan Fund and the impact it’s made so far.
  • Plans for GlobeIn’s future
  • Challenges GlobeIn has faced and what they’ve done to surmount them
  • Marketing tools and strategies GlobeIn has used to successfully promote their company
  • Advice for small brands looking to take things to the next level

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