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17 Liza Moiseeva

How do you transform a product into a catalyst for lasting, positive change? One entrepreneur in the ethical and fair trade fashion space believes that creating a community around your brand just might be the key. From model to marketing, her business works to create a deep connection between digital customers and artisan groups all around the globe. More importantly? It’s working.

Value, loyalty, growth–they’re achievements that every business strives for, but how does one actually attain them? In today’s podcast, Liza Moiseeva, Co-founder and CMO of GlobeIn, a fair trade subscription box and ethical online marketplace, shares what she believes might just be the key to them all.

A talented entrepreneur with a history in the nonprofit and social good sector, Liza attributes much of her success to community building. From running meetups with like-minded people to interactive Facebook Lives, a strong community has always been at the heart of Liza’s achievements.

Today, we get to hear about Liza’s invigorating perspective on community and growth through the context of GlobeIn, an exciting player in the ethical fashion world. They’ve managed to navigate a competitive industry while still promoting sustainable consumption, build a network of passionate and engaged customers and create powerful, lasting change for artisan groups all around the world. What’s not to love?

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Show Topics:

  • Liza introduces us to GlobeIn, an ethical fashion and fair trade subscription box and online marketplace that’s connecting global artisans with a worldwide audience. She shares a bit about the kinds of products they sell and the business model. [4:11]
  • The story of how GlobeIn got started, and details on how Liza’s experience working with nonprofits led her to believe that charities might not always be the most sustainable way of solving social problems. [5:40]
  • A reflection on Muhammad Yunus, better known as the father of microfinance, and the philosophy that businesses both can and should make money and solve social problems. [6:07]
  • Liza walks us through the inspiration behind GlobeIn, from travels and books to people and programs. [6:34]
  • We hear about Liza’s time as a collegiate swimmer in the US, her aspirations to become an Olympic athlete, and how her time as a competitive athlete has shaped her thinking as a business owner. [11:00]
  • After getting her MBA, Liza began organizing meetups for social entrepreneurs in Russia. We get to hear a little more about Liza’s experience in community building, like how she got started with the meetups and how the connections she built there helped shape her business today. [18:03]
  • Here, we transition to GlobeIn and all the wonderful things they have going on. Liza shares details on a recent initiative, the Artisan Fund, plus talks about how they manage to promote mindful consumption with still selling their product. [22:29]
  • We dive into the details of the Artisan Fund, discovering how the program works and some of the exciting results they’ve seen thus far. Learn about the artisan group featured in January, and the project that the Artisan Fund supported. [27:03]
  • When asked about plans for expanding their impact, Liza reflects on an upcoming social impact report and some of her goals in creating healthier, more sustainable work for the artisans they work with. [29:48]
  • Liza shares some of the marketing strategies they’ve used while growing GlobeIn, from Facebook ads and email newsletters to influencer and affiliates. [31:49]
  • The key to Liza’s marketing strategy? Build up that community. Liza describes how having a strong community can help small businesses launch their product, and larger businesses earn customer loyalty. [31:49]
  • In order to build a community, you first need to create value. We learn a few of Liza’s strategies for creating value for her customers. [36:02]
  • No matter the size of your business, there are always challenges. We learn about some of the challenges faced by GlobeIn, and how they’re combating them. [37:45]
  • One of Liza’s goals is to help create bigger and better opportunities for ethical brands. She shares some advice for small brands looking to take things to the next level. Build a community, don’t compare yourself to the big players and don’t be afraid of cold emailing all make the list. [41:10]
  • The podcast wraps up with an invitation from Liza to send over your ethical branding questions and a few final pieces of wisdom—like to vote with your dollar and buy your mom a fabulous (and ethical!) Mother’s Day gift. [47:00]

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