#92 – How Conscious Investing & Spending Impacts Our Environment

with John Treadgold, Communications Consultant & Host of the Good Future Podcast


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How can our choices around spending and investing impact the environment? How can we move our economy and lifestyles beyond focusing on efficiency and convenience to pursuing a more sustainable long-term resilience? These are questions that we discuss in today’s conversation with John Treadgold, a communications consultant specializing in advising organizations on how to communicate their impact.

When John graduated from university with a degree in economics, he shifted his career every few years. Eventually, this led him down a path to pursuing a Masters in international relations, during which time he interned at the UN Global Compact in New York, where he learned about impact investing. When he moved back to Australia, where he is based, he dove deep into this space, recognizing that his unique blend of knowledge of economics and development plus his passion for communicating allowed him to be the ideal communications consultant for companies seeking advice in the social impact space.

John is also the host of the Good Future Podcast, where he interviews leaders and innovators who are rethinking economics and working to build companies focused on the greater good.

In today’s conversation, we dive deep into a post that John published on his blog detailing what he believes will be the potential new normal in this era of change driven by the coronavirus crisis. We also discuss his evolution in work and in thinking to where he stands in his current career as well as some key takeaways he has gathered from investing his time and energy into the social enterprise community.

John is the Founder & Host of the Good Future Podcast, where he speaks with the new breed of business leaders who are embracing sustainability, impact investing, and social enterprise for the greater good.

“As soon as you try to take one step forward, you have to be perfect. That’s a real problem. That’s an extreme view. If we all just take one little step—and it’s the defensiveness. People have to constantly defend themselves. Hopefully the new normal is us making one positive step without having to be in a tribe” -John Treadgold

Topics Discussed: 

  • John’s diverse academic and professional journey
  • How our choices in spending and investing can impact the environment
  • What we can do to promote a more holistically sustainable lifestyle and economy
  • The resiliency of ESG funds during the coronavirus crisis
  • John’s thoughts on what the new normal will look like in a post COVID-19 world
  • Lessons and insights learned through his experience in the social enterprise space

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