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08 Yoni Medhin

Welcome back to another episode everybody! Today on the show we are joined by the co-founder of Grain4Grain, Yoni Medhin. Grain4Grain is a new company based in San Antonio that is finding a way to deliver healthy, affordable pancakes to a growing customer base while at the same time reusing products from the beer brewing process.

They also have a commitment to donating a pound of flour for every pound they sell, which is where they get their name. Together with his business partner Matt Mechtly, Yoni has used farmer’s markets as a great way to get out and meet new customers and become visible locally.

Yoni tells us all about the inspiration behind the company and what it stands for, the day to day of running Grain4Grain and how they envision going forward as the business grows. He also gets into forming partnerships with breweries, attracting clients, and the actual recipe of the mix!

So for this great conversation be sure to join us, here at the Grow Ensemble Podcast!

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Show Topics:

  • A little about Yoni and Grain4Grain’s process. [0:02:14]
  • Yoni’s interest and appetite for socially impactful work. [0:03:26]
  • The critical moment in catalyzing Yoni’s path. [0:05:25]
  • A history of sales, engineering and innovative ideas. [0:07:58]
  • Day to day work at Grain4Grain and building the business. [0:09:56]
  • Decisions moving forward on what is most important. [0:12:06]
  • How Grain4Grain views marketing and recharging the batteries. [0:14:26]
  • Grabbing potential customers’ attention in order to inform them. [0:17:58]
  • Conversion rates and the high turnover of new customers. [0:19:29]
  • The hierarchy of Grain4Grain’s customers’ needs and pitching according to these. [0:20:56]
  • Grain4Grain’s recipe for the pancake mix and how they use spent barley. [0:24:05]
  • The inspiration behind reusing waste from the brewing industry. [0:26:50]
  • Reaching out to breweries and securing waste from them. [0:30:12]
  • Grain4Grain’s upcoming third donation drop-off! [0:32:10]
  • Looking forward to the rest of the year for the business. [0:34:28]
  • How to reach out and meet with the founders! [0:36:10]
  • And much more!


  • “For us and for me personally this is something that is true to my heart of a company that intimately gives back.” —  Yoni Medhin [0:04:28]
  • “I made it as a part of our mission to focus on giving back to the community something that is valuable.” —  Yoni Medhin [0:06:58]
  • “When it is just you and you have limited resources you have to think about how every dollar is being spent and what is the return from that dollar.” —  Yoni Medhin [0:13:51] 

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