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Paul Bain Justea

Paul Bain is both the CEO and “Chief Tea Captain” at JusTea, where a group of Canadians have partnered directly with Kenyan tea farmers to provide ethical, sustainable (and delicious!) fair trade tea.

On this Grow Ensemble podcast, Paul shares the origin story of JusTea, telling how a 2012 trip to Africa with his dad inspired this business idea to both provide this high-quality, antioxidant rich tea to an audience in North America, while at the same time creating sustainable employment for Kenyan tea farmers.

Since starting JusTea in 2012, these folks have racked up the accolades and impact:

  • They created Kenya’s first-ever small-scale farmer-owned artisanal tea factory
  • They’ve created over 200 jobs for youth and women in rural Kenya
  • AND their Purple Tea recently won 2018 “Product of the Year” BCFPA Awards.

Paul and the JusTea team have truly found a balance between providing an excellent product while making a considerable difference.

    JusTea’s award-winning Purple Tea line is renowned for its innovation, delicious taste, and stellar natural health benefits.

    Be sure to check out the episode to learn more about:

    • How Paul and JusTea have achieved the give and take balance needed to be a successful impact-driven business
    • How Justea came to be and the commitment they’ve made to supporting the local communities in Kenya where the tea is produced.
    • How Paul and his Justea team communicate while being spread amongst Kenya and Canada
    • How Paul is evolving himself personally as a business owner and social entrepreneur given his non-business background.

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