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19 Ryan Honeyman


In this episode of the Grow Ensemble Podcast, we speak with Ryan Honeyman from the LIFT Economy, an impact consulting firm based in San Francisco.

Ryan has been a staunch advocate and spokesperson for the B Corporation movement, and on April 23rd, he and his Co-Author, Dr. Tiffany Jana, are releasing the 2nd Edition of The B Corporation Handbook: How to Use Business as a Force for Good.

We dive into the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion (topics highly relevant to the release of the new edition of the book), and how Ryan and his LIFT Economy team have begun to put the most marginalized as the center focus of their work with the hopes of making the greatest systemic change.

Ryan shares insights to the writing process, his hopes and intentions for releasing the 2nd edition of the handbook, and as well what he considers to be the next evolution of the social business and social impact business culture.

Ryan has either spoken with or worked with hundreds of B Corporations and impact focused businesses through his research for the two editions of the book, his consulting work on behalf of the LIFT Economy, as well as his founding (with his LIFT Economy partners) of the Force for Good Fund.

We talk about what he believes separates some of the most successful social businesses and social business leaders, as well as what the “greatest good” can be as you approach making an impact with your own business.

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