How Social Enterprises Can Scale Impact Through Corporate Partnerships

with Mark Horoszowski, CEO & Co-Founder of MovingWorlds



Nearly a decade ago, MovingWorlds originally began as an organization seeking to shift the perspective and priorities of professionals interested in volunteering while on a luxury vacation. Realizing that wasn’t the right market for them, they ultimately shifted their own priorities, realizing there were a number of problems in the social enterprise engagement space they could uniquely provide the solutions for. 

MovingWorlds is now a social enterprise that helps businesses scale social impact and sustainability initiatives through engaging individual employees. Their online platform also helps professionals advance their career with the MovingWorlds Institute

They provide other opportunities for engagement through their Experteering program, which allows professionals who want to help social enterprise start-ups tackle obstacles that will allow them to move to the next stage of growth, and the S Grid Program, which provides education and resources for start-ups to tackle specific problems through opportunities to connect with peers and higher-level entrepreneurs and corporate employees.

CEO Horoszowski (back far left) with the MovingWorlds Institute Global Fellows at the Lisbon kickoff, July 2019

Through co-founding and being CEO of MovingWorlds for nearly a decade, Mark Horoszowski has recognized that human-centered design is pivotal to the growth and transformation of social enterprises. It’s the individual employee or entrepreneur who has the desire and impetus to make an impact, so they are the ones who need their skills developed in order to achieve their goals to better the world they reside in.

In today’s episode, we talk about what it’s like for Mark and MovingWorlds to have existed for nearly a decade. What has changed in this space of social impact? How has MovingWorlds evolved? How have Mark’s understandings of this ecosystem developed? But the majority of our conversation focuses on the social enterprise sector of MovingWorlds.

We talk about scaling social enterprises through generating revenue by obtaining corporate partnerships. Where does capital exist for social enterprises to fund their growth and development? What are common misconceptions that early social enterprise founders receive? We also go more in-depth into some tactics and strategies for social enterprises to open themselves up to be able to obtain these extremely valuable and financially fruitful corporate partnerships and achieve their desired global impact.

Horoszowski speaking with other panelists at the From Day One 2020 Conference in Seattle 

“It’s humanizing the people you are trying to serve and seeing their problems. When you know their problems, you can prototype solutions.” – Mark Horoszowski

Topics Discussed: 

  • Scaling social enterprises through partnering with corporations
  • How MovingWorlds evolved its priorities through solving problems in the marketplace
  • The MovingWorlds Institute and other programs they provide
  • The importance of focusing on the individual human and their skills and desires
  • What Mark has learned over the past 10+ years in the social impact space

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