#06 – Putting Your Employees First

to Serve the Community Above and Beyond

with Allison Gibson, Part Owner & Operational Director of
Paintbox Catering and Bistro

Allison Gibson

Allison Gibson is part owner and Operational Director of Paintbox Catering and Bistro, a B Corporation located in Toronto dedicated to creating healthy and delicious food that supports a sustainable food economy.

Allison and the Paintbox team put all of their effort into providing creative food offerings while striving to fight poverty, promote environmental sustainability, and build a better future. Paintbox uses their bistro to help provide employment to those that need it most, and with every dish they serve they are committed to reducing their environmental footprint. With impact at the heart of everything they stand for, Paintbox truly hopes to become a model to others in the food service industry for social justice, profitability, and sustainability.   

In this episode of the Podcast, we learn more about Paintbox’s dedication to change and Allison’s story. She provides insight into her thoughts on culture and leadership and how those thoughts influenced the company’s core values, practices, and success, as well as the social enterprise certification–specifically the B Corporation Certification–and how it was an early difference maker in companies and early customers choosing to work with Paintbox over others. Allison also shares how she manages herself given some of the crazy commitments, times etc that are often required when working in the catering and service industry.

Allison Gibson and Chris Klugman

Allison Gibson with President & CEO of Paintbox, Chris Klugman

A few takeaways from our conversation:

  • Learn more about Allison and her current role at Paintbox, as well as what drew her to Paintbox and the social enterprise style of work in the first place.
  • The unique features of Paintbox (such as their open door management and leadership style) and how they operate to service the community.
  • Insight into how Paintbox has grown over the years and adjusted to the market.
  • Allison’s method for bridging the gap between her employees and their social needs.

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