#51 – Leveraging Marketing Dollars for Social Good

with Doug Lessing, Founder of Phin

51 - Doug Lessing

Doug Lessing is the founder of Phin, which is a social good platform that great companies can use to build meaningful relationships with people and causes through sponsored donations. Doug founded it in early 2019 after having spent 30 years with the incredible team building Firebrand Technologies, a software services company for book publishers. 

Doug is a resident of Blue Point, New York. He is married to his wife, Grace; they have three Gen Z daughters and two young female Springer spaniels. He refers to himself as being outnumbered and influenced by strong women, which was a major inspiration for founding Phin in the first place.

In this episode, we discuss Doug’s transition to a social impact company after having grown up in FireBrand Technologies; Doug’s personal approach as an entrepreneur; how he attempts to create a space for creative thinking and deep focus; the work that is going to really move Phin forward; and how Phin was created to be a social impact organization from the get-go.

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 In 2019, Phin helped raise over $12,800 for causes like Saha Globale that build clean water systems in Ghana

Topics Discussed: 

  • Using the power of business to create true social impact
  • Taking the leap to build a social impact company
  • How he approaches entrepreneurship
  • Phin’s founding as a public benefit corporation

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