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“Change the world through the companies and products you support with your everyday purchases. Our ‘Buy Ensemble’ write-ups and reviews of responsible businesses and products making a positive impact
on people, the planet, or both. ”

Buy Ensemble Basics: Finding Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Products to ‘Vote Every Day’

Get started with a couple comprehensive overviews of why using our individual buying power is a critical part of influencing systemic change and an introduction into a few examples of better-businesses we think deserve our support:

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Home Goods:

What good are cleaning products that might clean the counter, but put both you, your loved ones, and the planet at risk? As the needs arise, get yourself outfitted with a ‘sustainable home.’ 

Be it water bottles that you actually hold onto, reusable straws to kick the single-use plastic habit, or food wraps made from beeswax.

Sustainable & Ethical Beauty & Body Care

Be good to your body and good to the planet! What better body care plan could you be on than one that’s reserved to using zero-waste, sustainable, and (truly) green products? 

From toothbrushes that will compost in your backyard garden, to sunscreens that preserve and protect the coral reef, find what eco-friendly beauty and skincare products you need here:

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Fashion

It feels nice to ‘wear your values.’ I don’t know about you, but our Grow Ensemble team gets a great amount of ‘joy’ wearing shoes, shirts, and swimsuits made by better businesses and better business people. 

Buying and wearing a flip flop made from recycled car tires or a shirt that plants trees is always a great conversation starter. Be mindful of what clothes you are buying, because you end up wearing the ‘values’ of the business and business people behind it:

Sustainable Food & Drink

Eating more ethically or sustainably isn’t just about buying ‘organic’ (while that’s a good step)—by being one of our most frequent types of purchases, supporting products and companies in the food and beverage space who do ‘right’ by the planet and our communities is paramount. 

From a better for the planet brew of beer, to fair trade and ethically produced chocolates, celebrate eating and drinking with the people and planet in mind with our collection of food & beverage write-ups

The Latest Sustainable Product Write-Ups & Reviews:

Voting with Your Dollar: Empower Your Everyday Purchases

Voting with Your Dollar: Empower Your Everyday Purchases

Voting With Your Dollar:Empower Your Everyday Purchases Bonus: Get the 'Grow Ensemble 50' Responsible Companies to Support [PDF]ne of the biggest impediments to effecting change through daily action is that we often view real change as requiring...

Buy Ensemble FAQ: How Does This Work?

Q: Do you get paid to recommend products?

Sometimes! With many (but not all) of the companies and products you’ll find mentioned throughout our Buy Ensemble content, we are affiliate partners. 

That means, whenever folks like yourself read a review or write-up of ours, click through to that company’s site, and make a purchase, we’ll get a small commission. 

We aren’t recommending companies that we haven’t heavily vetted, tested, and researched ourselves (see to the right). And those commissions help us keep our blog, podcast, and everything else here at Grow Ensemble cookin’. 

Have more questions? Contact us, or read more on our affiliate partnerships here.

Q: I have a great product/company I think y’all would love to write-up & share!

Brilliant! We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to send a message via our contact page, or email our Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships, Annie, at Annie {{at}} 

Note: We won’t and don’t guarantee any sort of ‘positive review’ or placement in exchange for payment. 

We do offer select content collaborations for a fee, but in no way can we compromise the integrity of our platform.

Q: How do you vet ‘Buy Ensemble’ companies & products?

Great question! For any of the products and companies we recommend, we want to make sure that they are ‘certifiably’ better businesses.

This means, before even considering an individual product itself, we are looking for a company’s third-party certifications or associations that they may or may not have. For instance, being a Certified B Corporation is a big plus for us, here. By being a Certified B Corporation, that means we know that company is being externally assessed for its standard environmental and social responsibility. Other associations or certifications we look for; Climate Neutral, Plastic Neutral, 1% for the Planet, Fair Trade Certified, Cruelty-Free Certified, and others.

Other Questions?

No problem. Always feel free to send us an email via our contact form, here

We love to hear from anyone touching the Grow Ensemble ecosystem.