#52 – Evolving the 9-5 Workday through Parent-Friendly Co-Working

with Amanda Munday, Founder & CEO of The Workaround

52 - Amanda Munday

Amanda Munday is the founder and CEO of The Workaround, a parent-friendly workspace with high-quality child care located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After attempting to balance hiring a marketing/sales team for the tech start-up she had previously been working at with raising two small children, she realized that there needed to be more support for parents in the workplace. Hence, in October 2018, The Workaround was born.

Along with founding The Workaround, Amanda is the author of Day Nine, a post-partum depression memoir published in April 2019. She has received international media coverage, including being named an inspirational speaker in Forbes Magazine, and she is a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail, where she covers topics such as parenting, purpose-driven business, and the necessary evolution of the normal 9-5 workday. She is also the co-author of the Parenting Playbook, a free resource for tech founders to support parents in the workplace. Amanda currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for Creative Preschool of East Toronto, and in 2019 she joined the Board of Directors for the Danforth Mosaic Business Improvement Area (BIA).

In this episode, Amanda goes in-depth on what it was like to be both a parent and a full-time employee, which is what inspired her to found The Workaround; her challenges in launching The Workaround, and how those led her to rethink certain aspects of her business; the cultural stigma of parents in the professional world, and how society needs to rethink the professional structure to accommodate accordingly; and her vision for 2020 for both herself and The Workaround.

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“We are parents, and we are professionals, and we have other parts of ourselves, too. Our life is not over because we’ve moved into parenting.” –Amanda Munday

the workaround teamCEO Amanda Munday (far right) with some of the Workaround team

Topics Discussed: 

  • Amanda’s inspiration for and experience in launching The Workaround
  • What the first year at The Workaround was like
  • The cultural stigma of parents in the professional world, and how society should change in this regard
  • Her challenges in parenthood while maintaining a great career

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