#33 – Using Differentiation to Capture More Market Share and Find More Fulfillment in the Process

with Transformation Catalyst Founder & CEO, Michèle Soregaroli

33 - Michèle Soregaroli

When Bernie Geiss told us about his business coach who triggered his company’s rebrand to better reflect his personal principles and values, we couldn’t wait to get her on the podcast. Michèle Soregaroli is as great as we expected…not that we didn’t already trust the recommendation and her long list of accolades—2011 Woman of Worth Mompreneur of the year, 2013 International Coach Federation Coach Impact Award, and being profiled in the national 2013 and 2014 Distinctive Woman Magazine…no big deal.  

Michèle is the founder and CEO of Transformation Catalyst. Her company coaches and consults with entrepreneurs and business founders who want their business to embody deeper value, more meaning, and sustained impact. She coaches her clients to identify and emphasize the principles and values that are embedded in the core of their companies. 

In this episode, Michèle starts by explaining what a differentiator is and why it’s important in a business strategy. She gives us some tips on how to find the language to describe your differentiator and what that process looks like. With all of this and much more, have a listen to learn what steps you can take to build a character of integrity in your company.

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A few takeaways from our chat:

  • The four forces of differentiation= platform, process, personality, and purpose.
  • Identify your differentiator: Hold onto the strengths, anchor in the strengths, lean on the strengths, and identify what is valuable about your unique approach.
  • Differentiation from a strategic perspective is 100% about integrity.
  • What we want to do is be really clear that it’s not about being loud and getting noticed. It’s about holding a really strong and principled business that has a very solid core and has nuances that are unique because of the way they are framed and delivered.
  • You can’t be average and generate an emotional response from anybody. Avoiding the middle of the road positioning may mean alienating some people who don’t share your values, but it will also create opportunity with those who do.

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