#09 – How to Develop Leadership & Self-Awareness to Run an Effective Impact-Driven Organization

with Chris Hutchinson, CEO of the Trebuchet Group

09 - Chris Hutchinson

 While transitioning out of his position as an engineer at Motorola, Chris Hutchinson realized that he was less interested in engineering and more interested in leadership. Shortly thereafter, he founded The Trebuchet Group, a certified B Corporation located in Fort Collins, Colorado, with the mission of developing leadership skills in individuals and helping leaders build strong teams around them. He has become passionate about sharing not only the knowledge on how to become a great leader, but defining the actionable steps to get there.

In this episode, we discuss Chris’ own personal journey with leadership, what qualities he believes make up a great leader, and how a company’s leadership and team structure is the deciding factor on how successful it will be. We also dive into how Trebuchet defined their target client, the importance of growth and introspection (both personally and professionally), and Chris’ 2015 book on leadership, Ripple.

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“Working on yourself first is the most rewarding work you’re going to do. Not only for you, but for everyone around you.” -Chris Hutchinson

Trebuchet Group Team

CEO Chris Hutchinson (front) at the office with a few members of the Trebuchet Team

Topics Discussed: 

  • Tips on how to tend to leadership in your company
  • The qualities of an effective leader
  • The importance of transparency, looking within, and being self-aware
  • Chris’ personal journey in studying leadership 
  • How to determine your focus and choose the right projects for growth
  • How to define a target client 
  • Chris’ book on leadership, Ripple

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