What is Storytelling & Why is it So Important for Social Entrepreneurs?

with Adam Force, Co-Founder of Change Creator



After having worked for WebMD as the director of strategic marketing for ten years, Adam Force went on a remote vacation with his wife to Costa Rica. Sitting in a cove, a triggering question came into mind: In ten years, will I still be in this position? Is this the life that Adam wanted to continue to lead? In that moment, he realized the answer was no way. The discontent and pressures were building on him, and he needed to make a change. 

Starting and failing new businesses over the course of the next year, Adam worked all hours either on his current job at WebMD or developing new ventures, listening to podcasts and taking notes. Realizing that digital marketing was his strength, and helping social entrepreneurs was his passion, Adam co-founded Change Creator, a social media business that empowers conscious entrepreneurs to change the status quo through the power of storytelling.

In addition to a podcast and a premier digital magazine with 200+ interviews with folks like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and Muhammad Yunus, they have launched the Captivate Method, which helps impact-driven entrepreneurs supercharge their marketing to build trust and consistent sales. For the past 15 years, Adam and his team have become experts in storytelling, marketing online, building four businesses, and creating strategies for the biggest brands in the world.

We selfishly had him divulge some of his in-depth knowledge of storytelling and messaging. Why are these skills so fundamental to marketing strategy and business strategy for any purpose-driven business and nonprofit? In the business context, what is storytelling anyway? Adam shares common mistakes and misconceptions for folks new to harnessing this skill. We discuss how to get started with storytelling through identifying the core story of you as a founding entrepreneur and your brand and how to thread that through your digital footprint.

Co-founders of Change Creator, Adam Force & Amy Aitman

“Once you finally make the acknowledgement that something is not right, and you agree with yourself that you’re willing to go down a path to change it. A lot of people will look down the barrel of the path and go, ‘Yeah, right.’ That’s not even an idea they can entertain. It’s too difficult, and they’re afraid. They’re not willing to do what it takes. But once you make the decision and you take your first step, it’s the snowball concept. You just start going, and you’re on the path. Once you’re on the path, you can get to a destination.” – Adam Force

Topics Discussed: 

  • Adam’s professional journey and the founding of Change Creator
  • The importance of the pain point as a trigger
  • How to innovate your marketing through storytelling
  • Change Creator’s Podcast & Digital Magazine
  • Captivate Method, Change Creator’s online program for purpose-driven
    entrepreneurs to boost their marketing 
  • Why Change Creator is pivoting away from being purely a media company

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